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Here's hoping!

Here's hoping!

Some of you will no doubt remember the terrible 9 months I had with the loss of my garden last year? Anyway the "tree man" is at this moment moving my lovely tree from my "lost" back garden and transplanting it into my front garden. It's taken a long time to become dormant this winter because of all the warm weather. Anyway, fingers crossed it'll be happy in its new place....I'll go give it a cuddle later on when they've finished. :-D

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Hoping your beautiful tree does well. Xxx

Thank you Sassy. :-)

Take a tip from Prince Charles Nikkers & talk to it. 😄 Seriously though, hope it does well in it's new home. xx

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I do talk to trees Helen (that's why they put me away!) Lol. I have already had a chat and given it a cuddle. Thank you. XX

Thank you Tee :-)

Thank you 1008 - It's a laburnum! XX

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Bring it a blanket and a hot water bottle :) Is January a good time to transplant a tree ? I hope it survives the freezing temps.

Not sure if it's the right time normally BJ, it was meant to be moved last October, but didn't drop as normal because of the warm winter. It's very dormant right now, so hoping it awakes in a couple of months and is happy in its new position. XX

Fingers/ branches crossed. It would be a shame to lose it.

It will be fine. What happened to your garden last year? I am a new recruit to HU.

I love Laburnums and think I can find a space for one somewhere in my garden. They look so graceful like golden showers when there is a blue sky at the back of them:-)


It is beautiful,hope it likes its new home.

It really is gorgeous, so with all these well wishes I hope it survives. xx

It's going to love its new position especially after all those lovely hugs!😁 xxx

I hope it survives and gives more pleasure to you and other people passing your front garden. Kaye x

I remember you asking about this in the summer - I think now is the best possible time to move it. Fingers crossed. Try not to worry about it xxx piggi

good luck hope it shoots out again in the spring

Lovely tree. Hope it flourishes in your front garden xx

We transplanted 5 ft.high privet and we watered it every couple of days when it started to grow and it worked, so hopefully iif you keep watering once the weather warms yours will be OK good luck Nickers I remember how much the tree means to you ♥♥♥

Thank you Starveycat. The only concern that I have is the fact of the weather suddenly becoming so cold. Just coincidence but up to 2 days ago it was warm here for the time of year. I guess the consolation is, that at least the sap is dormant and hopefully it'll adjust as the temperature rises in the Spring? XX

Hi Nikkers, I have 2 in my garden, they are lovely aren't they, someone told me one is male and one female ? What happened to your garden last year? X

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