I have advanced IPF and have to lose a stone by beginning april. harefield hospital, if my 2nd lot of tests come back ok, wont put me on the transplant list unless I lose this stone. I cant do excerise or walking so its totally down to calories. any one lost any weight while on steroids and how did you do it. do you remember your calorie intake. I have really cut back but this week just a pound!! any advice or help offered is received with thanks in advance. all my best, martine.

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  • A pound is good. Well done. Nearly 10%, don't rubbish it Keep at it. It is really, really hard to lose weight if you can't exercise as well. And immobility makes it even harder. Eating will be one of the very few treats you have. We are all on your side. Keep writing in. Build in lots of distractions. Devise goodies that are calorie free.

    All the best

    Kate xxxx

  • hi kate, thanks for the good vibes and advice very kind of you, all my best martine.

  • You need to be on 80% alkaline foods and 20% acid foods....There is loads of info online on this, you will lose weight and have more energy at the same time... Good luck x


  • hi mandy thanks for getting back to me and so quickly I will look it up now, gotta get them pounds off!!!! all my best, martine.

  • You need to find out how many calories you need to stay the weight you are and then take say, 500 away. This will give you a 1lb a week weight loss.

    If you go here you can have a free 24 hour trial - there are quite a few people who are unable ot exercise who have been successful. If you fill in your details it will provide you with you maintenance calories and there is a food diary which will tell you how much you are eating each day. I managed to lose weight on pred but it was a combination of changing eating habits and a bit of exercise. Set yourself as very sedentary though if you are unable to walk very much,


    good luck


  • hi marie, thanks for getting back to me I will have a look at the site and work it out. great news that you can lose weight on pred just with a bit more effort, I feel more positive about loseing it now, many thanks , martine.

  • Can you get a referral to a dietician? I am sure a dietician will be able to help you. In the meantime keep going as you are 1lb is good. Just keep going we will all be with you.



  • hi, i'm sure I could I have an excellent gp, but I just don't have the time to wait for referral, appointment and treatment. I only have 3 months to lose it. I can do it, when I make my mind up about something, iget my result!!! if others can lose weight on pred so can I!!!! thanks for the message and good vibes. all my best, martine.

  • How are you doing?

  • hi, i'm doing well, I have cut back on everything. no butter biscuits, cakes, basically anything high calorie and tasty!! so far I have lost 4 lbs, and very pleased. I also this morning got accepted for lung rehab!!!! very pleased!!! and I start on 2.2.16 twice a week for 6 weeks. so I think harefield is going to be pleased with me, as everything they told me to do, lose 5kg, lower pain meds, lower steroids and start rehab I have done or am doing. I hope all is going ok with you, and it was really thoughtful for you to have asked, THANK YOU!!! all my best to you and yours martine xxx

  • Have a look at the Keto diet, it is strictly no carbohydrates but you can lose weight fairly quickly without any excerise.

  • hi pearce, thanks for answering, I never heard of it, so i'm gonna look it up on the web and find out more. many thanks, martine

  • Hi montymillie, I lost 4 stone in 7 months by following my surgeons advice. Eat apples. I know it sounds too simple but it worked for me. I drank more water (you can find out how much water you should drink in any day on Google, apparently being thirsty is often confused with being hungrey). I cut down my portion sizes, gave up alcohol and yes ate apples whenever I was hungry. It worked and I am stuck in a chair most of the time as I cannot walk more than a few yards. I read only the other day in a magazine that apple contain something which stops fat in the body lingering around. Since the op I have put back some of the weight and so I am on the diet again. Good luck Maximonkey

  • hi wow that's amazing!!! well done for the past weight loss, and good luck in losing more weight now. thanks for the advice and answering my post. all my best, martine.

  • Hi Martine, you are very welcome and I hope it works for you. Keep eating those apples. Maximonkey

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