The healthy option to Pain!

Some may know I have had a pretty bad chest for some weeks now. However I also have had gout at the same time which means I cannot take my gout tablets as they 1) Make my chest gooey 2) React with one of the AB I am taking.

The good news is my chest is not making as much noise as it did so hopeful it is going the right way at last. As a lot of people after the winter holidays decide to lose a bit of weight. We both said we will go for the healthy options and reduce input of the wrong (but often very nice to eat) foods. It was mentioned that move from our baked potato to Sweet potatoes. Neither my wife or I had eaten them so I looked up how to cook them, Easy peasy first meal Sweet Potatoes made into chips. They were very nice though they had shrunk more than I expected? Next meal they were roasts and they were cooked for less time but still shrunk? The next meal baked Sweet Potatoes, we wrapped these in foil and they did not shrink and were also nice.

Before we did all this I went on the tinternet to see all about them but I think I only chose sites from the Sweet potatoes lovers group? All the info was full of praise and told me all about the extra fiber and vitamins and minerals Etc.

Last night by the time late evening came, my gout was giving me some serious gip! Once I crawled upstairs and got ready for sleep time, my foot was so tender to the lightest touch and looking a little angry and generating it own little furnace. I put my in case of emergency pain cream (Affects my INR) on hoping it would help? It did not and even the sheets resting on the foot were hurting. So out the foot goes. This is a lot easier said than done because I am a restless sleeper on good days.

This morning on waking it was as red and hot the same agony of going down stairs this time. Back on the Wibbly Wobbly Web with the question what bad things does Sweet potatoes do to humans? Yes after you get past the benefits it does contain Purines and Oxalates. But then I find this little snippet:

"The University of Maryland Medical Center recommends people with gout also limit the amount they eat of vegetables containing oxalates. Up to 25 percent of people with gout also develop kidney stones, and limiting these vegetables may help limit your risk for certain types of kidney stones. Excess oxalate is one of the most common compounds that causes kidney stones. Vegetables that contain oxalates include okra, leeks, beets, sweet potatoes, Swiss chard, beet greens, soybeans and lentils."

Fish and Chips anyone?

Be Well

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  • It seems you can't do right for doing wrong.

  • If I could do it it is one step forward 2 back :)

  • It was more the extra benefits it claims to have that made us use it over the spud.

  • Great post

  • Thanks

  • Shame as sweet potatoes are lovely. Fortunately Pete is not a fan. Take care. Xxx

  • I was a big fan for a few days at least

  • Am sorry, I did have a little snigger because I could see what was coming. My husband suffered terribly from gout and couldn't even have a sheet on his foot, I remember getting a fire guard and putting it under the covers to tent them up one night just so he could get a little sleep.

  • I was shown the extent it has spread on my foot by xray when I cracked my big toe knuckle. It was when he said "You do know you have gout too don't you?" I told him I did in 2008 when the hospital thought I had broke my foot because of the redness and then found nothing but my GP straight away said it was gout the next day.

  • Hospital on coast said he had trodden on some sea creature the first time, GP recognised gout straight away. I didn't drive then and we had to come home from Bournemouth with me depressing clutch when he told me to as was his left foot. So uncomfortable with my right leg over the tunnel all the way home. Most painful thing and you never know when it will suddenly flare up.

  • Even the xray lady said wow soon see how many bones are broke. Then said I do not understand not a one?

  • I think the younger ones have forgotten about gout and think of the 18th century squire with a bandaged foot!

  • My grandfather had gout from before I knew him. Poor chap used to suffer terribly with it. Rib

  • It is so strange that even a feather can seem like a burn when touched. I now have a rolled up pillow at the bottom of the bed so my foot does not touch the quilt.

    The worst part is I have tablets that will fix it but will react with my AB for my lung infection plus they do make my chest a little gooey too!

  • That issue with the pills must be so frustrating.

    I completely understand how a feather can feel as though it is burning. I have a similar issue with sprays. The more powerful the spray the worse it is. A shower is agonising. It is like millions of needles stabbing me.

  • Wow - thank you for that Offcut - I had no idea - I love most of those veggies, but as I have only one kidney I'll have to watch my intake. Hope the gout calms down soon. x

  • Sod's law Offcut, i hope the Gout flare, settles down soon for you. xx

  • Me too! But it just gets wider and redder :(

  • Hi Offcut,

    I used to have quite bad asthma when i was younger, but fortunately it has gotten much better as i get older. I am now helping to create a few short films (internally) for healthcare professionals, to understand asthma more and help identify with their patients. I'm looking for people who have severe asthma, on medication to talk about their story and their daily struggles with it for a interview. (Paid!) Would you be interested at all?, it's for a good cause and would be at your own pace.

    Thanks very much,

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