Discharged this afternoon but got home at 8.00 pm as pharmacy couldn't deliver medication to ward earlier! My consultant was v reassuring and sympathic, apparently my feeling 'not right' for months was all down to a slow building infection that everybody said I didn't have as no wheeze or crackle. Even A and E said no infection until X-ray came back. Iv abs are not pleasant, I'm sure one or 2 had been diluted with battery acid! Still am home, bit scared with no real support but am sure the usual suspects will cheer me up. Biggest let down was expecting to find lots of maltesers, Quality Street etc and my grand daughter seemed to have acted as substitute for me! Still she doesn't like licorice allsorts so those are left for me.Lol

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  • Glad to hear your fully charged and home lol.

    Enjoy your licorice all sorts. I haven't been able to eat any sweets all Xmas because of my bad tooth. It's out tomorrow, thank goodness and I've saved a box of chocolates for when it's healed.

    Take things easy xx

  • Glad you are back home and that you had a good con. Rest up and enjoy your sweets.

    love cx

  • glad to hear your back home , you take care

  • Hello Snodgrass

    So glad you are home and on the mend.

    What a disaster...no chocolate in the house...Bertie Bassett is no substitute for a big box of maltesers, that has to be the number one item on your shopping list...Then find a hiding place for your secret chocolate stash !! 😂

    Velvet xx

  • Maltesers ,,,,yummy ,,,,,just a few ,,,,,,,,nooooo the box,,,,,

    But a special treat for me at Christmas and birthdays,,,,,or any other occasion ,,,,,like it's Sunday so ,,,,,,,champagne truffles from thorntons ,,,delicious

  • Sadly didn't make it to Thorntons this Christmas and didn't put them on my list to Santa, I love them too.

  • Good to hear your home,as Velvet55 said hiding your stash is the answer,keep well and Warm God bless naresh62

  • Agreed, will find a safe place to put chocolate and maybe finding that safe place will mean I will find all the things I have lost putting them somewhere safe.

  • Glad to hear you're home. Great to be feeling better, for sure. Bet you were thinking about your chocolates, before you got home. Looking forward to that first tasty bite! You need to find a much better hiding spot! Then don't forget where it is. Who doesn't do that? Glad you're feeling better.😊

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Think you need to issue an iou! Good that you're back home again tho', keep warm and take care.

  • Glad you are home Snodgrass and l am sure you will get support. Try and take things easy and be well. Xxx

  • I am sure I will get support, suppose I was feeling bit scared and vulnerable, but then word got about I had been released and phone started ringing so help is at hand!

  • Hi Snodgrass

    Glad you are getting help....tell them all to bring chocolate 😂


  • Large bar Galaxy and large bar of Cadbury Mint Puddle already! Cadbury name is a bit off putting but it is absolutely one of the best mint chocs I have ever tasted, and it took away the taste of the steroids A!

  • Hi Snodgrass

    I simply remember my favourite things...

    Whisper bars...Twirls...giant slabs of Cad. Dairy Milk...Mars Bars...Tins of Hero's...Kit Kats....puddle...

    And then l don't feel so bad 😂


  • Love it! Do you remember a bar called Bliss? Can't remember who made it but was almost like mini walnut whirls.

  • Hi Snodgrass

    No, But if it has chocolate l will like it


  • Do you have the care of COPD team nurses that will visit after a flare up,or hospital stay ?? ,,,,that's what I get

  • I have a respiratory nurse who is very good but in all the chaos of Christmas and hospital I have lost his number and am too tired to really look. Phoned the surgery but they didn't have his number either!

  • Spent most of the morning on phone to various NHTB numbers, finally found right person to give me the number and she kindly said she would send a message and he would contact me next week as he is on leave! Hey ho will make it up as I go along then.

  • Good to hear your home after an ordeal waiting for medication on discharge,I missed out on the roses this year to ,,,,,as I've had /got a chest infection began on 10th of dec and after 3 lots of clarythamyn,,,,,,,today I'm feeling bit better ,,,but the last few days have been spent in And out of the bathroom ,,,,,!!!!!!!. Today , so far so good ,,,,the first few days on clarythamyn I was sick and had to go into hospital for IV antibiotic,then sent home with anti sickness pills as this was the only antibiotic that will get rid of the infection clarythamyn, or doxycycline or eruthamycin,,,, which I projectile vomit with ,,,,so I had to persevere with the clarythamyn,,,,,,and anti sickness pills ,,,loss of appetite ,,,,no energy violent productive cough,,,,no sleep ,,,,I see senior COPD specialist nurse tomorrow and I pm hoping she doesn't say in need a further course of it as I don't think my stomach can tolerate anymore if it ,,,,,I'll let you know the out come tomorrow,

    Enjoy your liquorice allsorts ,,,I've got a bid of champagne truffles awaiting my taste buds ,,,,,,,take care ,,,,,and don't forget yes your out of hospital,,,but you still need to rest ,best wishes ,

  • Glad to be out but was due to be in until today so bit unprepared at home. Best thing is can make tea whenever I want! Took me about an hour to sort out meds for next month - 1 of those, 2 of those, 6 of those once, twice, three times a day. Need a logic course to get them all right but think I've got it now! Woke early so think it is time for a nap. Wish you better.

  • Glad to hear you're home S but be sure to take it easy and rest a lot. Pneumonia takes quite q while to get over completely, so you won't be running marathons for a while.

  • Already realised I've overdone it so nap time! Thanks for caring.

  • Pleased you are home but sorry your discharge was delayed waiting for Pharmacy Meds. This seems to be the usual state of affairs these days; probably since the hospital chemists became contracted out. I like chocates but my favourite is licorish; particularly the Finnish types you can buy at Netto. You definitely need a secret stash. Have a happy 2016. Love Margaret x

  • we have all been there . hope you are feeling better now.

  • Thank you. Finally managed to find the number of my respiratory nurse after 5 calls to Trust only to find he is on leave me NEIL next week lol.

  • Good news that they finally found the infection & that you're back home - I hope you have a very speedy recovery even without the comfort of all the chocs xx

  • Thank you and the good news is friends came bearing gifts of chocolate, things are looking up!

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