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Thank you

Thank you everyone who sent messages to me, sorry not to have replied but hospital doesn't have wifi and couldn't access the techy solution son had put on! Apparently nasty little bug had been nesting in bottom of left lung for ages but only clear sputum and no one could hear anything - sneaky! Took X-ray to find it. Ivs galore, cannula had to come out as arm like a balloon, 5 attempts later finally got another in, innumerable blood tests, fun, fun,fun. Won't tell me when I can go home still I had a fabulous Chtistmas and it explains why I kept having problems. Think walking up pub with leg weights on was last straw!!!! Happy new year to one and all, think I have been sitting up to long time to recline in best Velvet fashion. God bless.

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Get well soon 😘


sorry to hear you been so ill hope your feeling a lot better soon , hope 2016 will turn into a happy health year for you , take care and rest


Glad they finally got to the bottom of it, ( No pun intended lol. )

You must be so relieved, there's nothing worse than knowing something isn't right when they say there isn't. The mind works overtime.

You'll soon have those leg weights on again haha. Get well soon. xx

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Feel better and hope you get to go home soon Snodgrass.

I think Pete may have something brewing. He has the Brompton on Tuesday to see cardio doctor so lets hope he gets to go.

Take care. Xxx


Don't rush them about letting you home S. You're there now and been through the upset at having to go in, so you should let them do as much as they can for you while you're there. Lie back and think of England :) and enjoy being taken care of :)

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Hope they sort you out soon Kaye x


Hi Snodgrass

I was shopping over the weekend with Mr V. As we walked by the exercise equipment, l started giggling, he looked at me, l said it's a long story 😂😂

You sound as if you have been through the mill in hospital, but at least they have found the culprit, and can now get you on the road to recovery.

I am in recliner mode at the moment....heaven .....

Wishing you a speedy recovery

Velvet xx


Get well soon, Snodgrass.


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