Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years, I'm 49 and was diagnosed with COPD about 3 years ago and in October I was diagnosed with pseudomonas I was on IV's for 10 days and also a oral antibiotic which I had to be taken off of because I was having a lot of side effects, I was in the bed and the laying on the couch for over 4 weeks, I'm feeling better now and trying to to get out and do things, but I get so tired so easy and short of breath

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  • Welcome to our forum Ginnylyn.

    Sorry to hear you have been unwell recently but hopefully are now on the mend.

    We are a friendly bunch here so if you want advice, a chat or a laugh you've come to the right place.

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas & a Happy Healthy New Year 🎄🎅🏻🎁🎉🎈

  • Thanks Jessy 11

  • welcome to the group , sorry to hear you been so ill nice to hear your getting better just takes time now , merry Christmas and happy healthy new year

  • Pseudomonas seems to be very hard on the system. I felt very worn out too when I had it. Well, hoping it's gone anyway.

  • I've had pseudomonas for years, can't get rid of it so am on 2 antibiotics all the time. The tiredness is because I am constantly fighting infection. But I do get out a lot & have a reasonably normal life despite it. Have you had regular sputum tests to make sure you really have got rid of it?

  • Hi Hanne, just curious to know which two antibiotics you are on. I'm presuming one is Colomycin and wonder if you alternate the oral antibiotic or take the same one all the time. My recent bout of Pseud, I used Colo and Cipro.

  • Hi Billiejean. Yes you guessed it, colomycin. I also take azithromycin 3 times a week, then if I get an infection on top I take doxycycline too (200mg per day, 14 days.) I used to be on cipro but can't take it any more - inflamed tendons. If the pseudomonas breaks through despite everything, obviously I have to have IVs, but I must say it doesn't happen very often.

    Sometimes I worry "what happens to me if colomycin stops working" but usually I just refuse to think about it! Also, have you heard of the new iABC project - we will hopefully have a couple of new drugs within the next 5 years

  • I wonder is that referring to the inhaled Cipro we've been hearing about ? Anyhow it's nice to think something is happening.

    I took Colomycin for a few years about 12 years ago with no side effects whatsoever. Never had another showing of Pseudo so taken off it in 2006. Then in 2014, despite not testing positive for Pseud, my current consultant put me back on it as he said they could be missing the Pseud. I took it from end of January to end of November and was constantly breathless. It seemed to stop all secretions but I still kept getting non-infective exacerbations and was as worse off as ever with constant sob. All this time I was also taking Azithro every day and loads of others when needed. I complained constantly about taking Colo and eventually, after 10 months,we stopped it. I was very well this year until end of September when I developed Pseud then Achcromobacter, leading to my 20 days of IVs that left me only marginally better. Now I think I should go back on Colo but dread the sob. In the New Year we'll have to work out another 'plan' . Glad that your regime works for you.

  • My doctor done a Bronchoscope procedure that's how they found out I had pseudomonas, I go back the first if the year so I don't know what is going to happen I have a lot of health problems my immune system is a mess I would think that they would do the same procedure here in the United States. I did notice though I was on a lot of different antibiotics than a lot of people on this forum its very interesting and very scary at the same time and thanks everyone for making me feel very welcome and plus I have so many people to talk to that knows exactly what I'm going through god bless

  • Even if you haven't got rid of it, for most people it can be controlled well with nebulised antibiotics. But I hope you have good news in Jan. There's always someone to talk to here, whatever is worrying you.

  • Welcome Ginnylyn sorry to hear you have been so poorly of late good to hear u are feeling better wishing you Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year God bless X naresh62

  • Welcome Ginnylyn so sorry you have been feeling so unwell, I'm a recent poster, you'll find so many friendly helpful people hear, i know how you feel after all those antibiotics, i hope you can build yourself up soon and feel much better, is Pseudomonas that lung bacteria? if so ive heard its very hard to shift and takes a lot out of you.

    wishing you a Merry Christmas and good health


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