Hello just introducing myself for now, with a question if that's OK

I have Emphysema for 2 years now, its so nice to read your posts and to see how helpful and compassionate you all are with each other, myself, Ive always been a painfully shy and consequently unsociable person, not that i ever wanted to be, just the way i am i guess.

I'm 58 and live in Portsmouth Hants. so i am just finnaly jumping in and hope i don't make any mistakes as Ive not used a forum before. please let me know if i muck it up in any way thanks.

my question is does anyone here know if i can buy an oxymeter or something that will monitor the data overnight. my oxygen has dropped from 97-98 to 95-94 at rest and i keep waking with a start and my oxygen is 80-92. i saw my GP yesterday as i was in hospital with a racing pulse on Saturday it was going up and down rapidly from 97-147 for 3 hours but of course it had settled down a lot when the ambulance arrived which took 2 hours to get here, also my gp's readings were good too i have a ecg booked for 31st dec' i just want to prove to my gp whats happening to my oxygen through the night, sorry to introduce myself with such a long question, thank you all for your time who read this peace and light from sue_bun55

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  • hi welcome to the site , your post is fine don't worry we are a very friendly bunch here , I can be shy at times but you will soon get to know people on here , my be you could ask your gp about doing a sleep test to monitor your oxygen ect through the night I know several members here have had it and will be able to advise you more

  • I seemed to have lost the reply i sent you Malcolm so ill try again, thank you for your warm welcome and advise, i will ask my GP about sleep testing i didn't even know what that was. i had a spiro 2 years ago and i was fev 1 lung age 95 but they don't explain very much at all at my surgery and basicall want you out after 10 minutes so rush things a lot. i would still like to buy a machine that monitors my oxygen though if it doesn't mean winning the lottery to buy one.

    so any ideas anyone i would be very grateful.

    many thanks sue 55

  • you shy????? when :-) janx

  • Oh i missed this one sorry grannyjan i put my reply on the one below hope that makes some sense getting a bit bleary eyed

  • I am waiting for an oximeter overnight test it is taking some time because I want to do it at home and not overnight in the hospital. Don't think you can get anything yourself.

    take care

    polly xx

  • Hi Polly I think I'd rather do it at home whats their reasons for delaying a home test for you?


  • Thanks still trucking i will have a good look into this and others, i'll be doing a lot more research from now on.

    take care sue_55

  • A very warm welcome to you Sue.

    love cx

  • Thank you cofdrop, i'll look forwrd to chatting with you one day:o)

  • Welcome to the group Sue. Your post is very good. Most things like oximeters can be bought but sometimes are an unnecessary expense. As stated you can ask your GP for an overnight oxygen test. I think you do need to discuss your concerns with your Gp as it is obviously worrying you. Best wishes x

  • Hi Katie yes I'm gonna do that but i did see a gp yesterday she put me on prednisolone and anti antibiotics though i don't think I'm having a flare at the moment no cough or sputum, she said my chest sounded clear its my pulse jumping around to really high levels that concerns me i have an ecg booked on 31st dec still she's the doc so i'll follow her advice, and wait for the ecg.

    thank you for your warm welcome and best wishes too x

  • Welcome sue, hope you find some fun on here too, very friendly lot, jan x

    p.s. Malcolm is not shy :-)

  • Hi grannyjan nice to meet you this forum stuff is a lot easier than i thought it would be and you cant see me blushing when i meet people lol i like jokes I'll try to think of some to amuse you all oh here is a very old one.

    Bill and Ben go into a bar and Bill says flobalop aflopalop and Ben turns too the barman and says I'll get this round in he's on lemonades cos' he's already drank all my Christmas booze tonight :o)

    oh well someone may not of heard it :0)

  • Ha Ha Actually I hadn't heard it, I was the same as you before I joined, never been on a forum before, not one to open up to people too easily, but have loved all the time I have been on here, cos everyone is so easy going. Take care and keep writing. janx

  • will do grannyjan that was the only joke i can remember from the 70's cant think why that one stuck cos' jokes never stick with me. everyone's been very friendly and i love a laugh lets face it its good therapy love sue x

  • Hi Sue, a very warm welcome to you. I think you will enjoy it here.

    We are a friendly if not crazy lot ( well some of us are).

    We are very willing to help & advise if we can. We love to chat & have a laugh & you will see there's a lot of teasing going on as well (Malcolm likes to wind up Velvet & myself) all very harmless fun!

    I have an oximeter which measures oxygen levels & pulse. I use it rarely but it's good to check my pulse rate & oxygen levels if I have a chest infection.

    I've not needed to use it overnight as I don't have a problem while sleeping.

    I hope you get the help you need & your ecg goes well.

    Take care 🌺

  • awww thank you jessie for your warm welcome, i know this has been a good thing getting talking cos I'm not thinking about the things that scare me so much and you guy's are a wealth of information which i really value. laughter is a great great thing and i dont mind being teased at all, if i can tease back that is :0)

    take care sue x

  • Welcome to the group and don't worry about your posts as it isn't very formal at all and we don't monitor grammar and spelling. :-)

  • thanks for the welcome jackdup i cheat with the spellchecker ha ha my spelling is terrible me grammar aint that hot always tho' so I'm so glad everyone informal here. all the best Sue x

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