Great news for me this morning, had a visit to respiratory clinic did my 6 minute walk test and didn't fall below 92 so I don't have oxygen anymore, feels strange to not be lugging it about. Also spirometer tests show slight improvement too, so chuffed.

With that in mind I was recently given for free an Eclipse 3 ambulatory oxygen system complete with trolley so if anyone would like this and is able to collect or arrange pick up its yours for free. I live in Hartlepool :)

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  • Congratulations, Bryju. You must feel so good! Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration to us all.

    All the very best.


  • Congrats, is there a secret to your improvement, and its very nice of you to offer the system for free.

    You should be chuffed. Well Done.

    Jjude xx

  • Well done - that is great news (neighbour!)

    Can you attribute anything to your improvement?

    I'm sure we would all like to know the secret of your success LOL

    Hope you keep improving.


  • That is simply the best news that any of us are going to read today. Congratulations on your achievement, you must be over the moon. I'm sure lots of hard work and persistence went into achieving this goal. What do you attribute the improvement to ? Exercise ? Less exacerbations ? Not becoming too dependant on it ? I'd love to know.

  • Azithromycin no exacerbations (touch wood ) for ages, I take multi vitamins, vitamin A 8000 iu, feroglobin daily, walk my dog at least a mile a day sometimes more dependent on weather and how I feel, exercise and that's it really. I do all my own housework, ironing etc.. Hubby and grandson do all the lifting for me.

    Sokrackers where are you ?

  • Hi June, been reading over some of your earlier posts.

    I see 2 years ago you were on oxygen for 15 hours a day & a year ago you were diagnosed with severe emphysema.

    You have most definitely have been doing something right to completely reverse your condition.

    It's nothing short of a miracle!

    What does your consultant attribute to you having done this?

    Please tell us all your secret!

    Keep well 🌹

  • I agree Jessy, its amazing! Like how low was your oxygen going before. Please do tell Bryju


  • Been as low as 82

  • She's as shocked as me I think she laughed, because I was so ill the first time she saw me and blue, now these improvements, azithromycin keeps the exacerbations at bay, exercise and vitamins. I have always been a positive person and a ' doing ' person so keeping myself on the go has been important to me :)

  • Good for you Bryju

    You go on our inspiration board! Seriously, I think we should have one.

    Thats wonderful news and you should be chuffed. ( new word for me ) would love to know your fev1. You really do alot, and keep yourself busy. Very happy for you.😊 What a sense of freedom, not having to cart oxygen around. Don't think I've heard of anyone else going off oxygen. Did you do a happy dance? I sure would!

    Rubyxx 😊 😊

  • Hi sorry so long in replying, fev 1 was 62 in 2014 dec 2015 78 x

  • I see you take feroglobin ( which is iron ?) I always heard us older folks, weren't supposed to take extra iron.

    Are they saying something different now? Also how much vitamin A do you take?


    Rubyxx 😊

  • Ha ha Ruby was a bit shocked at first I think it was because oxy was my crutch, now it has sunk in quite elated. Going to treat myself to lunch out with hubby x

  • Good for you bryju124...today was the first time I've had the time to read through all the posts for some time and am very happy to have read this one.

    Take good care.


  • Wow that is really great news, congratulations.

    Were you also able to cover more distance in the six minute walk test as well?

    There was someone on here who attributed his wife's improvement to Vitamin A and I see you take it as well. I realize there is not any proof that your improvement is related to the Vitamin A but it certainly raises a little curiosity.

  • Guys I started taking the Vitamin A as well when I read his story and I must tell you that I think there is an improvement. I suppose I must go to the pulmonologist in March again to confirm this but I'm doing everything I used to do and even walk a half hour walk up a mountain without having to stop on my way up - going not too fast though. We live just below the Magalies mountain range. You will see on my previous posts that in SA no one think about COPD as a death sentence as many miners get it and when they start to work above ground the progression stops according to a Dr.friend of mine who manage 9 hospitals at Mines for a Platinum group.

    I suppose its a combination of:

    1) Be positive and stop worrying

    2) Take your medicine and Vitamin A

    3) don't get pneumonia

    4) Carry on with life and exercise

    I am borderline Mild /Moderate and if the good Lord willing, stay that way till its time to go

  • Well done. I average at rest 92 and drop 78/88 on home stairs but my GP will not even put me in for O2 even though A&E and heart consultant have written with their concerns over my levels?

    Be Well

  • I do attribute my improvement to vitamin A, I also take garlic capsules and feroglobin plus multi vits. Plus the walking and exercise. Worth a try folks x

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