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UK EU White Goods Electrical Certification .. Wheres it GONE

UK EU White Goods Electrical Certification .. Wheres it GONE

As some will know recantly my washer decided is was going to set on fire during a spin.

Which brings me to subject of this post FOLLOWING runaround by HOOVER.

Sure i know about SALEs of GOODs Act BUT thats not issue is about as i want to report manufacture of defective and dangerious products.

Mainly my HOOVER washer ISSUE i see .. once upon a time we use to have WHITE GOODs that was driping in EU UK CE elecrical certification marks standerds

That was then : But now you will be lucky to see any on some of your

White goods.

I dont know about you BUT when i plug something in i want to know its safe to use and if it packs up would pack up safe.

Now that is as specialy inportant when sick disabled or blind deaf.

It as come to my attention some tricks white goods manafactures are doing to mitigate liabilty.

How tru it is .. is the question that needs answering.

We all have white goods but what am interested in DO anyone elses washer dryer manuals have any EU UK CE elecrical certification symbols in them as mine dont.

Here is EMAIL i sent to relevant persons :)

Dear Mr

Am hoping you can help get to the bottom of who certifies electrical white goods in EU & UK.

It is of particular interest as i suffered a washer machine fire at my address.

Is it possible to find out if HOOVER electrical white goods are required by law statute or if its optional to be EU UK electrical certified and by witch body.

As i have looked into issues myself and was told if there is no CE stickers they are not certified SO issue is if the not certified they can not be safe.

Here is brief history re my washer fire and communication with hoover.

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Was yours a Hoover Candy? It seems they have a history of fires. Keep fighting, D. x


Was a hoover but now candy is part of hoover

Guess fire risk joined hoover when they teamed up with candy


Maybe you will find something here to help:


Hi cheers yer i consulted whitch :)

Am i surprised they drag the feet guess they can if am right

Cheers thanks for reply / comments links


not related to your particular post but when I electric wire something up from plugs or lights or if i bought any second hand electrical item first time I plug them in and switch on I always shut my eyes I don't know why not as if its going to stop me getting a shock or help if it goes bang .


I try to get my dad to do first swich on :)

But when i do am sure i do same lol


We can't trust anything any more.

I sometimes set my washer off, when I go to bed. I do go down and pull the plug when it's finished - but, no more after seeing this. x

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They had a fire chief on the TV the other day and he said do not leave any washer dryer or dishwasher on if not in the house!

Sounds like quality/safety has gone out the window in their quest for bigger profits.

Be Safe

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Hi Cheers think your spot on the money there.

Did ask hoover candy few days ago but the throwing deaf en.

From my experience when the do that it speaks volumas WELL esp when comes to electrical safety certification.


Please keep us up to date with any replies etc. - interesting.


Hi cheers yer the plot thickens .. If that's right analogy :)

Had phone call of trading standers FEET half as they no longer deal with public as your put threw to CAB.

Anyway trading standers said they can't tell me as they don't deal with public eh .. So I said I thought it was only secret service that was afforded amaninity.

Then it was all kinds of bull DEFENDING them .. Like really I said the not royalty SAGA go's on

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