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COPD Treatment

Hi everybody, hope all is as well as can be expected. Please find the following url for a webinar I was invited to join live a couple of weeks ago. A bit boring at the start introductions. Hope some of you find knowledge from it. Cheers Dave from the LoS. Breath easy Exercise often.

And my old foot note; I have COPD but COPD does not have me.

OoooP's forgot this;

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Love the footnote, Dave. Couldn't see the URL.


Hi eregendal,

OoooP's ;

I have edited first post also.

Have a nice day. Dave.

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Thanks, Dave. It was an interesting webinar to listen to. Hopefully some of the new treatments will come online very soon.


A bit confused about this as its the American Thoracic Society and they do things a little different compared to here


Hi Mandy6513,

I have worked and lived in many parts of the world and yes things are done a bit different in different countries. COPD has it's various treatments to suit the different types and individuals, basically they are the same worldwide except in underdeveloped countries who have limited resources. The webinar is really information on treatments for the future. I am by no means an expert just a guy with COPD who likes to stay in touch with progress. The webinar was presented in partnership with; I have been a member for several years worth a look. Cheers Dave from the LoS.

Breath easy Exercise often.

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