Excited, stressed and worried

I have my appointment at Newcastle RVI later today after a couple of months waiting and after visiting a consultant at local hospital to no avail. I'm hoping that I will get further by seeing a more specialised consultant but now the time is here I'm in a hell of a state... Sweating, headache, stressed, excited, unable to sleep to name part of how I'm feeling. 😣😰🙄🤔😱

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  • I'll be thinking of you and hoping it all goes very well for you today, let us know how you get on.😃 huff xxx

  • Hi, try to keep calm & have positive thoughts. I hope everything goes well for you at Newcastle RVI.

    Thinking of you 🌹

  • Hi I sympathise I get exactly the same as you amethyst, it's horrible. Do take care.


  • The day is here now, no more waiting. Be strong and accept as much support as you need from family and medical staff. Thinking of you and hoping for a positive outcome.

  • DEEP BREATHS Amethyst, works wonders! Good luck.

  • Thank you everyone for your kind words... So glad this day is drawing to a close. Set off at 7.20am for the drive to Newcastle RVI, arrived there at 9am. Appointment was for 10.30 but had to be there half hour before for breathing tests. Cafe first for breakfast then headed round to chest clinic.

    In a nut shell... It's definitely Sarcoidosis in lymph glands heading into lungs (already knew this), no confirmation as to lumps and bumps and what is causing them... Had it explained that a rheumatologist should be able to help with this and aching joints. Getting sent for sleep test to be done to rule out sleep apnoea in relation to my extreme tiredness as can sleep for 15 hours easy and still feel tired. They are also checking vit D levels as this could be causing tiredness if low. Ohhhh they are also sending me to get eyes checked to rule out Sarcoidosis involvement there. Hmmmmmm not sure exactly how I feel at this moment in time.

    They have also decided to stop the steroids as they don't feel they are doing any good and also feel the Sarcoidosis isn't active... Ok so why am I getting more lumps and bumps on arms and head? Ohhh and I'm back to original local consultant.

    Feel that life is crap as no further forward as such and I have work on my back wanting answers as to when/if I can return to work.


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