Helious Plus H300

I have very recently been given the above oxygen flask for amblutory use. I was thrilled to be prescribed it as it's so much lighter than the usual tanks and lasts a lot longer as instead of a continuous flow of oxygen it just gives a spurt of it on the inhaled breath. The down side of it is the HUGE tank of oxygen, however with the movement of furniture I have been able to make space for it.

However I'm having lots of teething problems with it, the first flask I was given lasted only two hours and not the five as stated, the providers very kindly bought me out a new flask and once again showed me how to fill it and told me that the oxygen would evaporate when not used. So used it to take my dog for a walk for an hour, noticed it was giving me the spurt on the exhale breath and didn't work when I used pursed lip breathing. This morning I get all ready for the gym, the flask was empty so I realised it must have evaporated overnight, tried to fill it but no luck despite following the instructions, left it for a while and tried again, no luck yet again. So missed out on the gym and shopping session I had planned.

Anyone else had problems like this ? I guess I will have to get in touch with the providers again but I'm feeling a bit stupid.

Any helpful comments welcomed

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  • Sometimes the flasks leak and they can also have a faulty valve which can leak or prevent the flask from filling properly. I can only suggest you ring your oxygen provider and get them out to check it again. You are not stupid - either it is faulty or they have not shown you how to do it well enough. :)

  • Hi

    Never used my self, but seen plenty they do evaporate over time.

    Seems straight forward.


  • Thanks for that, the instructions are a little bit different to the ones I have, managed to fill it, I expect it's me just getting used to it.

  • Hi

    Very good now of to the Gym,

    No cup of tea better.

  • I had the same experience and bought an American portable concentrator . So I now have cylinders and the portable covering nearly all my ambulatory needs Geordieboy

  • thanks for all your comments, fingers crossed I'll get on with it OK now. Can you give me some information on the American portable concentrator please ? is it heavy ? how much does it cost ?

  • I live in America. Do you mean the "Inogen"? I bought a *used "InogenONE G3" and wouldn't be without it. Came with a small and large battery, wall charger and cigarette- lighter-receptacle charging cord. It was a year old and I asked for the receipt also which came in handy when I got a new replacement (although the warranty is not suppose to transfer to another owner, just use your head on that one!). I believe they are $3,000 to $4,000 new. (The previous owner paid $3,000).

    With the large battery, it weighs 12 pounds. Not positive but I think using the small battery makes it only 8 pounds? It has a shoulder strap and a regular non-slip-grip handle too.

    After going through hell doing 3 overnight tests in order to get the oxygen from my supplier, and my doctor turning in the results too late the first 2 times, and the oxygen supplier threatening to remove all my oxygen and equipment, I said, "Hell with this!"

    I found one in another state, online on Craigslist, went to my bank and took out a loan.

    I now do not have to worry about getting any oxygen prescriptions, or doing overnight tests to get the prescription, or purchasing oxygen or having them threatening to take it away!

    I also purchased from a company, a new filter, mainly because it was used, and a charger.

    *The total for all was $1200 (US dollars). Think I have 3 more payments to make, but it was well worth the money.

    Feel free to ask any more questions.

  • Thanks, I live in London and we are lucky enough to have the NHS so get oxygen free. The flask I was on about is not a portable concentrator like the Inogen, I would like one though although I can't get this through the NHS and it is very expensive. I am looking at second hand ones at the moment, it is the weight that is an issue. thanks for letting us know of your experience. Vicki

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