In The YEAR 25 25

In The YEAR 25 25

Had to share this as I think it's quite fitting ... al not say humbling.

But it makes me ask WHAT on EARTH as humanity been doing for last 1000 years

Could it of really been JUST about wealthy SIMILARITIES with whats happing today

TAKE : Dispatches yesterday examines a new DWP scheme aiming to reduce low-paid workers' dependency on benefits.

Truly shocking and we should know as truly shocking stuff is happing to us sick and disabled " will humanity survive " and like a lot of others am still waiting for wonder pill

I feel much better knowing cancer research said they will have cure by 2045 or would that be 2055 ... But one thing I know all be long gone so who will hold them to account.

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  • one step in the right direction, so far to say,, good post humanity one we must all remember,, lives lost through sanction cuts of the most vulnerable ones of our society,, sad fact,,

  • People av sold the soles conscience for what : a tory dream a repressive regime DON't tell me a low paid job

  • another double standards tripe,, bloked the votes for free parking at hospitals for carers of the disabled but claims expenses hiself bless the ####

  • Like all those 650 MP's that said was going to give there 10% yup I said 10% above well above inflation pay rise to charity

    Think 6 acutely did

    Like the say when you rob the rich it's a crime BUT when you rob poorest in society it's capitalism .. Tory Dream :o

  • . millioniares versus the poorest and most vulnerable of our society, no contest really for them lot, but we are the humble ones and our humanity will show through for that we will be stronger what evers thrown our way, having heaps of money for them what have is perhaps how they live smug buggers, we have our hearts and our souls ,kindness a smile a kind word is priceless , money cant buy that, its given freely , they no there the most detested and still carry on like its nothing, cuts sanctions, kids free meals per day, its a relentless onslaught of the most basic needs for our most vulnerable ones today, winter of discount , I hope they are brought to boot for there wrong doings and hidden lies,time will tell , pomp and grace favours for them its like a runaway train, the train will be stoped we hope and them responsible named an shamed and if needs must brought before a court of law to answer to crimes aginst humanitys basic needs caring for the less fortunate , hipocrits the lot of them

  • Thanks for the music, as Abba would say. On a more serious note I watch the pro gramme on Channel 4 although it no longer effects me it does my family and future generations. Britain seems to be on its way to mass poverty for the poor like third world countries, concentration seems to be on reducing benefits bill even to those working rather than finding better ways of getting our books balanced. I also watched the hooked on painkillers too, that could be a money saver if available in more areas to those it would help. Not suitable for everyone though. The poorest in society must stand up (if able) and fight for a more sensible solution before we end up with more deaths due to poor living conditions and food shortage. My thoughts anyway. Enjoy your day.

  • I was not sanctioned per se. But when the DWP claimed I had not paid NI it was up to me to prove I had! Which took HMRC 7 months. In that time I had mounting debts from banks etc. which when I was eventually, paid did not take any of this into account.

    But even when I take all the evidence of my ill's I still get "You do not look unwell"

    Maybe I should get my wife to punch me in the nose so I look battered, they will feel better then?

    BE Well

  • Yet still on TV we are seeing programmes like 26 kids and counting on benefits complaining they only get £27,000 pa. This was the long term plan of Gordon Brown when he changed the system for claiming only 1% were fraud claims before he changed the system.

    Again I will say people like us with long term lung conditions should automatically qualify for benefits but we have to wait over a year to find out if we have been awarded we are put through stress and medicals to see if we are fit for work, how long is it going to be before these di*k heads like Gordon Brown are going to realise that if a person with COPD is put in a factory, office or environment where we are at risk from flu ect we become very vulnerable.

    I would also like to know when the Tories are going to get rid of the other di*k head Ian Duncan Smith, rant over.

  • Well bloody said my dear.

  • I like the Ian Brown cover version.

  • Makes me feel older I have the 45 in my collection ;-)

  • I actually feel sorry for those that worship money,they have no soul.If there is a heaven I would think it,s pretty much a Tory free zone! D.👀

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