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Blood test results

Does anyone here know much about blood results?

I've been feeling pretty crap the last while. I went to my GP three weeks ago and saw a locum. He put it down to steroids. My temperature has been all over the place the past 2 months too. Hitting 38/39 during the day (unusual for me)

I went back to the GP and saw my regular doctor on Tuesday. She took bloods and on Friday told me she's really concerned. My white blood cell count is very high which she says indicated a significant chronic infection. She couldn't get my respiratory consultant and was considering sending me to a&e but decided they wouldn't know much about my lungs and I've survived this long so will talk to me Tuesday (bank hol weekend here).

My lungs don't feel infected...I'm not sure what to think. If there is an infection, how will they find it?!

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Oh dear. Afraid I don't know a lot about blood tests but as she says that does indicate infection. If you feel any worse please do go to a&e - no heroics. There's sure to be a contactable respiratory consultant, even if it's not your own, who can access your records and treat you as necessary. When you say "how will they find it" what do you mean? If they suspect an infection then presumably they'll give you some broad spectrum abs & try to get a result from your sputum. You're in the wars lately, and with a new baby too, you poor thing. Why oh why do these things always happen at the weekend? Rob


Thanks Robin. Oh I've been in the wars awhile now but I'll spare you the gorys!

Apart from feeling just generally crap, I don't feel sick if you know what I mean. I don't feel like there's an infection in my chest/lungs. I just feel generally meh. That's what I mean about how will they find it- if it's not in my lungs where is it?! Don't worry if things go south I'll be first one onto hospital. Thanks as ever for replying x

Yep I read about the finger, that's why I said "no heroics"! You've probably been feeling crap for so long, you can't remember what feeling ok is like! I understand about feeling meh (daughter uses that one!) It they're not sure what's going on I presume they'd give you IVs and that would sort out an infection wherever it is. They're the ones who've been to med school so I'm sure they'll be able to solve the mystery, or will know a man who can ;) Robin


Lol you wouldn't think I was a hero if you heard me whimpering as they were taking the dressing off!!

That's exactly what I said to my doctor. I can't remember the last time I felt OK and it's starting to get to me.

I'll be hounding them on Tuesday for answers!

I notice that you have Bronchiectasis so you will have a level of mucus in your lower lungs. It is easy for this to be infected but not always producing any product. Amongst my list of ills I have it too. I was hospitalised with it last month and I have another exacerbation right now. The white blood cells would normally indicate a course of Doxycycline as it is broad based. The Respiratory Consultant may well authorised a CT scan to see if / how your Bronchiectasis has progressed. If they can get a sputum sample that will help by allowing them to grow a culture and identify the bug.

With high levels of white blood cells it is an indication of a wide spread infection. ie it may start in your lung but your whole body is now fighting it. Regards Rib


Thanks Rib. Sorry to hear you're unwell too. It's frustrating isn't it? Thanks for the info re the antibiotics. It's good info for my doctor in case we can't get my consultant.

I hope you feel better soon x

A pleasure to be able to help. General recommendation from NICE on Bronchiectasis is 2 weeks of Doxycycline as an initial treatment. Sputum samples tested during this time. If not cleared then a course of either Amoxicillin or similar should be given. If this fails then NICE continues by saying it is recommended that the GP refers case to the Consultant. So your GP seems on the ball.

Good luck with your sputum test. Rib

Poor you, so sorry to hear you are poorly.

I'm no expert but it sounds like you do have an infection.

I'm surprised you were not given abs to start fighting the infection. Especially since your GP can't talk to your respiratory con till Tuesday.

I hope you get the meds you need & in the meantime I hope your condition improves.

Take care, thinking about you 🌻


Thank you so much. I think my GP is afraid to give me abs without talking to my consultant first x

Sorry I can't help, but try to stay positive till you can see someone (as Robin says, these things always seem to happen at weekends). No idea what feeling 'meh' is - but assume it's not good - please just try to stay calm and try not to worry too much. Please keep us updated once you've spoken to your specialist. All best wishes xx


I will do. Thank you Dedalus. I'm going to go to the hospital to see him if he doesn't get back to my GP

I was taken to A&E by ambulance with a temp of 39.6 and it seems I had a raging infection. I was given massive dose of AB's. Unfortunately it did not clear and still have right lung cracking so back on the massive dose of AB's. My younger son had similar but he is a very fit person and fought it off.

When your lungs are not good sometimes A&E are the best place, they have been for me.

Be Well


Oh god Offcut that sounds awful. You poor thing, I hope they sort you out soon.

My local a&e are crap- I'll try to hold out until Tuesday. They've all left me this long!

Best wishes x

I cannot complain about my local one at all they have been really good to me. I have even had the Doctor that dealt with me call me at home to see if I was feeling better and said if it gets back to what it was come straight in.

I'm in Ireland. The health system here is Sh1te!

I don't know much about your condition but would agree with others that your temperature would indicate infection and that starting abs would have been a good idea. Do you not have a rescue pack?


No Toci, should I ask for one?

Yes. A two week course of Doxycycline and two weeks of Prednisone steroids is normal as a rescue pack for Bronchiectasis patients. Rib

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I'm on pred now since July. I have suspected Bronchiolitis obliterans but I'll certainly mention the the antibiotics.

You do realise that Bronchiolitis is totally different to Bronchiectasis that we have been talking about.

Yes Rib. I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis 8 years ago and treated for it since. However, there have been no changes on ct scans and scopes showing nothing yet my fev1 has declined at a rate of almost 5% per year. So now they suspect I have BO and they're not sure re the bronchiectasis

Oh you are in a pickle. Personally I would have thought all the more reason why you should have a rescue meds prescription. The idea is that as soon as you have the signs of infection you can take the pills rather than letting it take hold while you wait to see a doctor. Just remind the doc to replace them when you get the doc to check that you are infection free again 😊

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Will do. Thanks again xxx

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