Woke up 2am

Woke up 2am

Had all the sleep I was going to get..so time to think over a cup of tea.

Busy day waiting for me...starting with good morning to you all...

I think I over done the time on the forum yesterday. .so I promised my children I won't go on it tomorrow. ..They are sleeping so I thought I get a few words in now.

Anyway I was wondering what to say when I don't really have anything to say about my condition.

I think I have said before that we are all in the boat. .that's because I really believed in that. .

I don't believe that we are now nor was we before. ..just didn't see it that's all.

Am very happy with my boat and the people in it..

Am also happy to wave to other boats going (not stopping ) past..

Did that all the time when I was in the merchant navy.

Children are back to school tomorrow. .

my chickens only layed 2 eggs yesterday. .

very heavy thunderstorms think frighten them.

photo is that I went to market and brought more mushroom spores. .

Keep your posted mushroom lovers.

kind regards.


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  • I had a mushroom omelette for my dinner tonight, delicious!

    Very interested to hear about your mushrooms, makes a lovely change to learn about something new.

    Take care, keep well & enjoy your day with your children 😀

  • Thank you Jessy. I will



  • morning andy , my chickens don't like thunder storms or heavy hail storms does affect them laying , hope you have a good days with the kids , take care

  • I have so much to do...but if it doesn't rain I think I'll take them swimming to their favourite hotel. ..but they have to get all there things ready for school tomorrow. ..


  • yes take them swimming as its there last day before school start

  • I got a story about my trespassing hen..I'll tell you what happen another time.

    Got to go and take my box of med..shower..

    I'll be around tonight.


  • ok look forward to it have a good day nearly bed time for us here

  • Good morning Andy but for me good night. I love.mushrooms. x

  • Good Morning Andy,well actually Good Afternoon,I see its just passed midday! xx

  • It's 9.30am so it's still good morning from me.. We all just on our way out for the day...

    Andy xx


  • Have a wonderful day! xx

  • Hello Andy

    Blo*dy Typical...

    .you go to all the trouble of growing your own mushrooms for an Omelette then your Chucks stop laying.

    Tell them they will end up in a Pie if they don't buck up their act !!!

    Have a lovely day with your family

    Velvet xx

  • Just got out the pool to have drink...good morning to you to..

    It's a very beautiful day so we hit lucky.

    Should be the end of the rains soon.

    love coming to this place people so friendly and make you feel welcome.

    See you later.

    Andy xx.

  • We have never managed to grow mushroom. Love them though. The idea of a mushroom omelette has my mouth watering. Other half's birthday today. Awake early - as I have been for a couple of weeks now and needed to go to the loo. So got up and said to him " shout when you want your breakfast in bed". So, put washing on, checked face ache sent a few wedmin messages and the he comes downstairs saying where's my breakfast? Really didn't think he would want it at 5.30 am. So now he is sat here doing the usual Sunday morning thing of watching match of the day. Thought he would like to sleep a bit longer. By the way he is one hundred and grumpy 2 today. I know he won't see the funny side of his present too! Oh Dear. Lol.



  • Looks like your in for an interesting day..good luck.



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