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Hi I am wondering if anyone can answer my question as Google can be full of scary answers. My dad has been told his next level of medication after the plan he is on now is morphine? Can copd sufferers go onto morphine and it not be the last stage in his condition. He has decided to go onto it but he isn't sticking to his plan right and he doesn't listen to anyone who is trying to help him. ☺ thanks in advance

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  • hi hun its very hard for people tpon listen to others whom asre trying to help you but morfine is for coping with the pain i guess he probally feels when not in pain why should he tk it because it can bring on many side affects which if u google side affects morfine they would be much more traned to give u correct answers hope i have been some help but people on here are great so always ask someone would help you

  • morphine can be used as a small dose to help with breathing it relaxes the muscles in the bronical / breathing tube so helps you breath more easily but not sure what stage you would be on , I think I can depend on different people

  • Hi

    Oramorph is the brand name used to help with breathing.

    I am stage four still active albeit a bit slower.

    I also use Oramorph it helps with breathing.

    Other medication Spiriva, Seretide and ventolin.

  • My sister was on oramorph for a bad flare up of her osteoarthritis and someone told me it helps you stop coughing as well. I read the blurb and it said it was not to be used by anyone with breathing difficulty. Maybe the risks are worth it for the benefits? x

  • im on morphine tablets for back pain been on for last 9 years doctor has never said not to have them because of breathing

  • Hi Coughalot, have to agree I thought Oramorph was for pain as it is more gentle on the digestive system. Morphine is usually for pain too but it also effects breathing and relaxes the respiratory muscles as I understand. Maybe Oramorph works the same who knows not a specialist chemist myself xx :) :)

  • Must be so frustrating for you if you think he's not listening to anyone - how are you feeling/coping with all of this? x piggi

  • I was given morphine for chest upper back pain in hospital .I am on spiriva , ventolin and fluticason now

  • I had Oromorph in hospital. It relaxed me and helped me breathe and sleep better.

  • Hi Ashleigh,

    From what I understand, The Morphine liquid is given to relax breathing, thus lessening the pain and panic of being seriously breathless.

    The downside, and why you get 'not to be used by anyone with breathing difficulties' is, if too high a dose, or taken too often, the resulting reaction could be the relaxation of the lungs may become permenant. They could be sooo relaxed, they don't want to work anymore !!

    However this only applies to the liquid as far as I remember. The Tablet form are a clinically proven dosage, Liquid can be taken innapropriatly, a few mls makes a difference.

    The "stages" of COPD are only used as a guide-line by the medical profession, my hubby has been in stage 4, end stage, for over 4 years now, it does not mean he will drop tomorrow, all it says is, he is having more difficulty with his condition than someone in stage 3.

    As for not sticking to 'his plan' like the saying goes, "he is old enough and daft enough to make up his own mind" If he wants to be in charge of his medication, not the medication be in charge of him, he has earned the right to make that choice, surely?

    All you can do is be there when he needs you, he will be grateful, he knows you care. Hope this will help a little. Caring is the hardest job to do.


  • Hi, it must be difficult for you to stand by and watch. Hard work.

    Don't fret too much, it's probably the mild form called Oromorph in a liquid form. As others have said it can help with breathing and lessen the coughing. It's often given as a type of cough mixture.

    The higher doses come in a patch like a large plaster to be put on & changed by someone trained to do so.

    Good luck - I wish my kids were as concerned & caring as you obviously are!

  • Thank you for all your replies I now understand why the Dr has suggested morphine been the next thing if his plan did work. He is alot of pain with one shoulder mainly and back pain.

    The Dr told my mum to takeover his care for 2 weeks and leave him with his blue inhaler only. So I sorted out his co-codomol into 8 a day for 14 days and then counted out 14 capsules for his 1 day one and also noted down how many puffs he had left on his purple round one. (Sorry I must learn the names of them lol) it works out tomorrow when he goes to the Dr and has his morning one there shud be 39 left on it but I went two days ago and it's already down to 37 so he's having too many of them and also he ran out of co-codomol yesterday and demanded more paracetamol to be bought for him which havnt yet but I sorted out enough to last him till the end of Monday so he has had 16 more than the stated dose over 11 days. It's frustrating me watching him treat my mum with no respect and demanding and shouting but I can see he struggles but surely if his medication was managed correctly he might actually be able to live a active life at the moment he doesn't go out he doesn't exercise he still smokes heavily says he's only smelling it (whatever that means) which annoys my mum she's running round after him but he manages to still smoke bacci. He also gets some.cream for his back muscle relaxer I think.

  • Smoking is making his condition so much worse than it need be; he probably means that he's not inhaling when he says "only smelling it" but even if that were true, which I doubt, the tar in the smoke is still an irritant. If he were the type who would take advice I'd say get him an electronic cig (many on here use them and I've been on them for almost 6 years) it would give him the pleasure he's used to and the nicotine to satisfy him without all the tarry muck. From your post I don't think he'd take kindly to the idea.

    So sorry for your problems.

  • We bought him one last year he sed it gave him a bad chest and my brother tried when he was home and he made the excuse of it gave him a headache but I'm sure it's excuses. My mam works 7 days and nights covering their business and its so unfair that he's not helping by sticking to his medication plan. He is petrified of them flare ups and blames his flu jab last yr for it so is refusing to get it again this year. Does anyone have any advice on him not going for his jab which I thought was needed.

  • O dear! How does he respond if you take an unexpectedly FIRM approach? Tell him he's being a naughty boy and that he IS going for his jab and that's it - no messing? Could you kind of push him through it? Failing that - can you tell his doctor? Oh best wishes... sighs.... how hard for you. I'm sorry xxx piggi

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