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Windows 11...Huh!

It's taken three days to download Windows 11...three days.

Reuben said we needed to upgrade so he launched the bloody feckin' thing on Himself's laptop and it's done and so help me I feel like chucking the feckin' machine straight through the window...can't find anything...e-mails are squidged up in a little corner...Google announced it'd like me to sign in using my though I'd be remembering that after donkeys years...

My favourites, which contained dozens of important thingies ,has simply disappeared into the ether...there's something called an Edge, which I always thought was a member of U2, that Reuben swears by and I've just knocked it off by accident...if I don't mention it he might not know...

Suppose I'll get used to Windows 11 but it hasn't enthralled me yet.

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I thought the latest was Windows 10! Have I missed something! X


My fault...sorrrrry! It's Windows 10 and I hate it!

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Hahaha! 😂😂😂 Really thought I was going senile for a minute ( well even more so than usual! ) Thanks for clearing that up & hope you get used to Windows 10!

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Poor you - what a complete nightmare! I keep getting little messages on my laptop saying "download Windows 11 now" and I keep thinking shall I? shant I? for that very reason. Windows 8 is bad enough but I am worried that 11 will be even worse and after reading your experience, I think I might leave it a while longer!!

Everything is jumbled up and silly...!

If you are using a desktop or laptop that doesn't have a touch screen, make sure you are NOT in Tablet mode.

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Oops! I must have meant Windows 10 too - not 11 - def losing the plot!!

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Thats microsoft for you. They put out new windows systems before they're ready and expect users to iron out the shortcomings :)


I am refusing to download it as yet.


I was thinking of downloading it soon. Maybe I will wait a little longer.

Thanks for this Vashti.

Me too x

i haven't bothered un dating mine think I will leave windows 8 on

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Me too.

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Me Too.

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That's why I never upgrade.

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The trick is to wait a year or two, to let everyone else sort out the bugs, then upgrade :D

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Daughter has offer of free upgrade. I told her to wait she will need new laptop it will be on it. I am now on Windows 11 (sorry 10 could not resist) I have Edge in stalled but am keeping my old browser as I like my Favourites. However, talking to KNowhow, I think will use in future. The Dummies book for W.10 has arrived today from Amazon. Also I am still using windows Live Mail. K

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I'm happy sticking with windows 8. been told its a better one than the new windows 10.

If you are using a desktop or laptop computer that DOES NOT have a touch screen, be sure you are NOT in Tablet Mode. Windows 10 works almost the same as Windows 7 when you are not in Tablet mode. If you are using a tablet or a laptop with a Touch Screen, then Tablet Mode is the way to go. Go to Start, Settings, System to change. Check the box to turn Tablet Mode "OFF". The default on downloading Windows 10 has Tablet Mode "ON".

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It took less than two hours to download Windows 10, All my programmes stayed the same. I had Windows 7. There are some benefits once you get started. The big start menu is easy, just right click and unpin.

You can recover things you knock off. You can also revert to the previous version of Windows.

Yes vashti you can reset your computer from a date before you downloaded it. That would take windows 13 (ha ha) off and revert it back to windows 8. x

I downloaded it and it messed everything up and I had to get PC world to sort it out for me which caused me to lose all of my files and documents. I don't rate Windows 10 I wish I had stuck with Windows 7 now and kept my files and my money that it cost to sort the mess out. I want to save up for an Apple Mac computer their operating system is a lot better I have an iPad and it's so quick and fun to use.

Windows 10 is much simpler and smoother to use than windows 8. Perhaps you just need to take a look at your settings. I also disregarded Edge and chose to continue with Internet Explorer - simply personal preference. Also, win10 is free to download until July 2016.

Dear Vashti,

I was advised by my expert who sorts me out from time to time, to leave it 8 months or so as you have 12 months to download it free, I looked at microsofts initial report on my computer that I would lose my WINDOWS MEDIA CENTRE, TV Music etc. so not so keen now.

Also if you download it and do not like it you have a short period couple of weeks or so when you can revert back to 8 or 7 depending what you had.

Still here, still positive! now had COPD nearly 30 years, although very severe still doing everything I can to keep me busy and hope eventually to be able to get my telegram! my penpal with same made it to 92!

Love your posts they are so vivid read them every day.

Best Regards,


vashti I`ve been trying to get to grips with Windows 10 for the last six weeks !! Clouds and Edge no idea what they are or what to do with them ! Like you I`ve lost all the old familiar things- all my documents. AND I can`t print a photo off any more `cos I don`t understand all the new sizes. Used all my photo paper stuff trying and half the heads are off ! Bring back XP. Sheila x

Windows XP - oh I wish they'd stopped there! That was my introduction to computers and being a bit of a technophobe I find the thought of moving on unnerving. I have an iPad which was very easy to get used to but my old desktop computer has never been updated from XP so is consequently no longer in use. I'm hoping to get a laptop simply because when I'm shopping online I could do with a larger screen but I keep putting it off because I'm half afraid that I won't get the hang of it. Going to have to take the plunge soon tho' so any advice would be welcome.

I've had no trouble with my upgrade. if you have trouble take a little look around everything all your old contacts etc are still there, it's just a case of getting used to it

just like every upgrade since they started with .bat pics in their original windows. dont give up just relax and explore, you might have a few screams at it but you'll get used to it in the end good luck and don't through it at your other half ha ha

I upgraded and all my favourites stayed put, so did everything else. Thr trick is to choose your old browser, in my case google and make it the default.

Upgraded to windows 10 then reverted back to windows 8. I hate windows 10 its total rubbish no wonder they give it for free.

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