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Know some have written about whether or not to have the flu jab and possible reactions. Had my on Saturday, 8am. By 7pm I felt so bad - headache, muscle pains, sore throat and runny nose. Happy to say that 48 hours later I'm back to what is 'normal' for me. Was worried I was going to proper sick again, but relieved I feel so much better. As someone said, I'd rather 48 hours than 10 days of being really ill.

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Had mine on Saturday,so far no reaction,I don't normally have any problems,fingers crossed.

Nanny1086 in reply to redted

Fingers crossed

Nanny49 in reply to redted

I've never had a reaction before either. Thought I had a cold/infection coming on but apparently it was just the vaccine promoting antibodies.

redted in reply to Nanny49

My neighbour is usually ok,but this year she felt really ill for a few hrs after her flu jab.

Nanny49 in reply to redted

Hopefully a reaction is a good sign!

Haven't been calked in for mine yet ,,,,,glad your feeling better.

I had mine saturday too - felt okay but really sore itchy arm today! Didn't expect that! ha ha Hope you're feeling better soon x piggi

Nanny49 in reply to piggi

Yes, thanks. Much better now. Hope your arm heals quickly.

Going for mine on Saturday morning, never had one before even during chemo treatment! Think I need it now as chemo seemed to take my immunity away! I spent a lifetime kissing & hugging people, letting dogs lick my face to build my immunity up! Now I'm going to have to start over again , kissing & hugging people & dogs, letting them eat off my plate, eating blackberries straight off the bush without washing them...no worries, I'll do it ;)...Will let you know if I have any side-effects...scary stuff xxx

Nanny49 in reply to camping-girl

Good luck. Hopefully you'll emerge unscathed!

camping-girl in reply to Nanny49

Just seen the Gp's ad in local paper, I got the date wrong, it's week after next...doh, thanks Nanny x


Good on you Nanny and you are quite right of course. I am having mine a week on Saturday. x

Nanny49 in reply to Hidden

Think it's worth the bit of suffering. Last year I had no reaction, but did contract flu early January - not nice!

Haven't had one for 2 years even though classed "at risk" - after reading some of these posts I'm thinking I'll give it a miss again.

Glad you are feeling better Nanny49. Pete sometimes has a reaction but not always. We are having our jabs on Monday at Lloyds Chemist. xxxxx

Thanks, Sassy. Think maybe a reaction is not a bad thing. Had no reaction last year, but like so many others, had a dose of flu in the New Year which wasn't pleasant! Hopefully this year's will be more affective. Good luck with yours on Monday.

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