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Know some have written about whether or not to have the flu jab and possible reactions. Had my on Saturday, 8am. By 7pm I felt so bad - headache, muscle pains, sore throat and runny nose. Happy to say that 48 hours later I'm back to what is 'normal' for me. Was worried I was going to proper sick again, but relieved I feel so much better. As someone said, I'd rather 48 hours than 10 days of being really ill.

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  • Had mine on Saturday,so far no reaction,I don't normally have any problems,fingers crossed.

  • Fingers crossed

  • I've never had a reaction before either. Thought I had a cold/infection coming on but apparently it was just the vaccine promoting antibodies.

  • My neighbour is usually ok,but this year she felt really ill for a few hrs after her flu jab.

  • Hopefully a reaction is a good sign!

  • Haven't been calked in for mine yet ,,,,,glad your feeling better.

  • I had mine saturday too - felt okay but really sore itchy arm today! Didn't expect that! ha ha Hope you're feeling better soon x piggi

  • Yes, thanks. Much better now. Hope your arm heals quickly.

  • Going for mine on Saturday morning, never had one before even during chemo treatment! Think I need it now as chemo seemed to take my immunity away! I spent a lifetime kissing & hugging people, letting dogs lick my face to build my immunity up! Now I'm going to have to start over again , kissing & hugging people & dogs, letting them eat off my plate, eating blackberries straight off the bush without washing them...no worries, I'll do it ;)...Will let you know if I have any side-effects...scary stuff xxx

  • Good luck. Hopefully you'll emerge unscathed!

  • Just seen the Gp's ad in local paper, I got the date wrong, it's week after next...doh, thanks Nanny x

  • Good on you Nanny and you are quite right of course. I am having mine a week on Saturday. x

  • Think it's worth the bit of suffering. Last year I had no reaction, but did contract flu early January - not nice!

  • Haven't had one for 2 years even though classed "at risk" - after reading some of these posts I'm thinking I'll give it a miss again.

  • Glad you are feeling better Nanny49. Pete sometimes has a reaction but not always. We are having our jabs on Monday at Lloyds Chemist. xxxxx

  • Thanks, Sassy. Think maybe a reaction is not a bad thing. Had no reaction last year, but like so many others, had a dose of flu in the New Year which wasn't pleasant! Hopefully this year's will be more affective. Good luck with yours on Monday.

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