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Is it just me or are there more posts about worry, feeling low or depressed at the moment? Is it because we are all afraid of the effects of winter? I know I am dreading the cold and afraid of the bugs and already virtually hibernating and doing far less exercise than I should which is of course a self fulfilling prophecy which also makes me feel a complete failure.

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  • Yes you could be right snodgrass. There have been more posts than normal from members feeling depressed.

    Wonder if it's the combination of the bad weather some have been getting, the nights drawing in, it's getting darker earlier now & the temperatures dropping,

    Maybe before it really gets to winter we should all make a plan to boost our spirits to see us through till Spring again.

    Like taking a up a hobby, going to classes for something we always wanted to learn, meeting up with friends, a chat is good for you! Whatever your interests are make sure you have some! Still try to go out weather permitting, fresh air is good for you

    Good luck everyone when you give thought to what your plan will be to keep healthy & happy this Winter! 😀

  • I agree, the only thing that has been keeping me going is the thought of new rehab course, I have my assessment on Monday. At least means have to be somewhere by 10.00 two days a week so have to get up! Last time I went I got from walking about 50 metres at moderate pace to 1.5 kilometres at level 10 pace so hoping for another miracle.

  • Great! Just the thing to get you up & moving! I look after my little grandaughter 3 days a week so I have to get up as well. Having a chat is good for you!

  • Hello

    Snap. Im going to go back on Rehab Course. Really look forward to it. 😊

  • I think it is everything you say but, also, I think, the television news and newspapers everything seems to be in such a mess. I cannot even concentrate on a book which has always been my escape. Comfort eating as well which is normally not a problem until winter!. I am beginning to wonder how people coped in the world wars when life was harder, less medication, colder homes etc. I do not know the answer. I know my better half and I act cheerfully outside the house but he has just said he thinks it is old age and bad health. K

  • You are so right Snodgrass as this time of year can be a bit of a worry. I get anxious and I am not the one who is ill. I do everything I can to keep Pete and myself well. We will have the flu jab soon I expect so that is one thing that should help.

    Take care. xxxx

  • Booked my flu jab for Saturday week - the gap between appointments is one minute, it was two last year. Will be just like a cattle drive!!

  • thanks for the reminder, must phone on Monday to book mine :-( x

  • Hi I'm back on 8 steroids again not feeling to good breathing bad seen nurse this morning and she put them up and she wants me to speak to the doctor he's ringing about 3 to see if I'm ok try and stop me going into hospital again really don't want to go in there I'm feeling low myself but got lots of things going in at ho,e so think it's the stress of that at the moment and that's what making me bad well enjoy the r St of ur day

  • Sorry to hear you are not well. Try to think positive thoughts. I think it helps to heal us better. Hope all goes well when GP phones.

  • Hi thanks they r good docs hope u ok

  • know the feeling I had to start the 8 steroids last night try to put it off but have had bad cold for over a week breathing was getting worse , hate taking them they taste so horrible , hope your feeling better soon ,

  • Yea I do make my legs hurt and can't sleep on them and make me fat as need t eat more I'm at slimming world and trying to loose weight didn't help on them

  • do you take them in morning or at night I ask because lot of people take them at night then find they can sleep when on them ,but if they take them mornings they cant sleep

  • You are correct! That's what my doc says. Don't take steroids at night but with your breakfast. Hope they help you feel better

  • yes doc do say that jess but lot of people of facebook copd say take them at night and they can then sleep but if they take them in morning they cant

  • I suppose everyone is different. You just need to do what's best for you 😀

  • Gosh, that's interesting. I always take them at the crack of dawn but never get a wink of sleep. I've had no steroids for the last year because I developed a steroid myopathy from taking too many. But if and when I ever have to resort to them again, I'll try the taking at night trick.

  • Hope u start to feel better on them and thank u

  • Hope you feel better soon. x

  • Hi thanks hope u ok x

  • Hi. I. Take. Mine in the morning with breakfast always have even when I'm in hospital

  • try taking them at night see if it makes any differents it wont hurt to try , im lucky I can take them either way and still sleep

  • Thanks but I think il stick to how I do it now it's like a routine thing lol

  • think its a combination of all the things mentioned weather does play big part in how you feel , where I live we look out over fields i dread to see when the corn has been cut and its just stubble then they are ploughing it up again know then winter is on the way , been cold and drizzly here to day so couldn't get out in garden so lit fire sat here and went to sleep lol one bonus of autumn/winter we got a lovely stew and dumplings cooking , think its my favour time off year food wise lots of stews, roasts , toad in the hole , pheasants and venison , baked apples , crumbles , sorry I have started dribbling thinking about it , keep well take care

  • I'm lucky, we still have beautiful weather here. Not had rain for ages, long may it last.

  • good luck on that think about get the thermals out here im in Norfolk

  • Still summer here in Scotland!

  • It's never summer in Scotland, just ask Tam.

  • Rained all day yesterday and the day before, today sky was blue half an hour ago but by the time I had walked to end of road was mostly black so turned round Nd came home. Really don't want to get wet.

  • I can sympathise, I have asthma, and had a recent PE after surgery and was told to avoid getting colds, HOW?? run faster, hibernate, wear a mask, my mobility is already restricted after knee replacement so I'm a prime target. Take care.

  • The weather this year has been rather unpredictable. More often than not the weather forecasts are wrong. The news is very depressing too. Many of us must be feeling worried about IS infiltrating our country.

    They will most likely try to target big cities first. I have my brolly and walking stick ready. What I have found encouraging, is support we are getting from established immigrants, who appreciate the opportunities they have received.

    I do think the media take a delight in exaggerating things and doing their very best to frighten us half to death. I think it is wrong, to release details about the activities of the Secret Service and their methods for instance.

    With the internet, we get to know a lot more about things going on in the world. The good thing about it, is the way it brings people together. We have the opportunity to communicate and make friends with people we would never have met in real life.

    It is my grandchildren and great grandchildren I worry about. What kind of world will be waiting for them when they grow up? Will there still be a National Health Service?

    Jobs for them, homes to live in? Enough food to go round?

  • I can't be the only one looking forward to winter , can I? more fears of high temperatures....if it's cold outside, I can dress up against it, if it's hot, I am beggared. There is the cold, biting wind but then it's time for cosy days at home, listen to the radio, do a jigsaw, have an hour on the Wii Fit, a stew doing slowly in the cock pot with dumplings, crumpets soaked in butter and when the drafts come creeping around the ankles in the evening, retire to bed, save on the heating bills and listen to a play on Radio 4 Extra. Winter is so soon over too. November flies by with bonfire night lasting two weeks, then Halloween and the beginnings of the rush up to Christmas. December...that goes even quicker, get the shopping out the way, mince pies everywhere you go and the speedy on set of Christmas and then New Year. January...the slowest but time for staying warm, comfort foods, having friends around and looking at seed catalogues. February...the shortest month and soon got rid of because we will then be into MARCH< SPRING< HOLIDAYS....warmer times and seeing new growth......I couldn't live without my winter.

  • Thank you for your uplifting views on Winter. I will try and see it in that way. Used to when I was young.


  • Have I missed a post from Tam?

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