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im hating filling out the pip form

this form is horrible and confronting my problems is horrible too.

Any advice on Wether bullet points with examples are best etc

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Just tell them how bad you are not how good.

that's the trouble struggling to find meds that steady my symptoms. Worried will put too much x

Can never put too much. Don't make out you are better than you are.

true just so hard and upsetting seeing our difficulties in black and white

Dont know if this will be of any help to you



thank you it helps a bit been a while since filled any of these forms in

Please stop stressing - there is no need if you get the assitance of benefits expert from Welfare Rights, if you have one in your area or CAB. They fill these forms in day in and day out and, whilst being honest, they know the best way to fill them in to your advantage.

I know the negative feelings you can get with these forms - it's like you have to face it head on when normally you try and feel the positive things you can do. The best advice from WR when I was feeling this way was to think of it as a means to an end and then put it on the back burner.

WR will always appeal if they feel a decision is unjust and the DWP know that.

Good luck and please let us know how you get on.


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thank you and thanks for understanding

Yeah don't fill it in yourself. Ask Citizens Advice to help you.

Kim xxx

The CAB filled out mine for me and took over 2 hours!! Give them a try.

thanks everyone will try to get some help

Hello Svety,I strongly advise you to go and see the Citizens Advice people,even if it takes a whole day or you can,t get an appointment for a while it really will save you time and energy in the long run.They have researched the questions and know how to give the correct answers,they will also be sympathetic to how unpleasant it all is.It,s horrible enough coming to terms with the fact we are disabled but to then have to troll through our nastiest symptoms and how down we get just rubs it in,Ii know exactly how you feel .I got very depressed by the whole thing but I also got very angry because this government seems to think that every body who is sick is on the make.I am totally against any one that tries to fiddle the system but there are a lot fewer than this lot pretend there are.Please take my advice and get somebody to help with the forms,that,s what they,re there for.D.

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Try your local breath essay group, our local CAB wont help you fill in these forms so I went to our local group and I was given a contact number of a charity that did.

Like Dave said get someone to fill in the forms for you we often think we are ok when we are not

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thanks once again. Have done them in past for my husband very different doing my own. Daughter says I down play my symptoms and put on too brave a face.

Being house and bed bound I had a very nice lady from the dwp visit me, she helped me fill in all the paperwork then took it with her.... From start to finish it was 4 months... By all accounts I think I am one of the lucky ones.

Good luck :)

don't ask me they cut down my money this year as they said my mind was better, trouble is, the more the mind fog I'd been under cleared a bit, the more depressed I got and my body is certainly worse than last year - oh well at least they gave me more reason to be depressed ........

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