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Sorry if you can not understand me but i have got Dyslexia could you help me please I put in for PiP May 2014. Be cause that i have got bronchiectasis, asthma Dyslexia , osteoporosis, Stress, anxiety and depression, heart murmur. so i through that because i loss my job i would put in for pip so i would have some more money to help me out with my sickness . So i ask the women form my Community Trust to come to my home to to fill in the form because of my bronchiectasis for me she did that for me. Then Aug for last 2014 the pip send me letter to say that i was not getting the PiP so i just left for a year because i was not in good please at the time . So April of this year then i phone the women for the Community Trust to come out again did the form again for me. Then in May we got a letter to say know i was not get pip for what my doctor said. So we ask them to let us see this letter to see why i did get. so we got the letter one thing that we could see was that the Doc said that doing alto better from i loses my we put to them that yes i may have some good day but i am still as sick as was before when i had my job . so ask them again to have other look at again so Friday of last week we got letter to know to it again. i just would like to know what to do now are then any thing more that i can do just leave it again. or keep on frighted for it or what next. hope you understand me this time

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  • I think you need some to help you o write this out, it does not help us if we don't understand the question you are asking in the first place.

  • I know i do it because I am dyslexia try to give thing ago myself sorry you can not understand me will try alto better or get some to this for me sorry again to you

  • is English your second language ? that would make a difference too might be good to get someone to help write it out,

  • Hello paddy1999. Are you saying that in the last 2 years you have wanted to put in for DLA but have been told 5 times you won't get it because you aren't ill all the time and also because you are quite young ?

  • I have put in for pip in the last two years i be turned down 5 time just like you for some help what to do

  • age wont matter it depends what you can and cant do and what your doctor thinks

  • Thank you for your help alto not down to your age it your sick just people where saying it your age

  • What lung disease do you have? And what lung function do you have too? It's not DLA now but PIP and you have be affected quite badly to have a chance of it. It is the effect the illness has on you which is important. x

  • Bronchiectasis is the lung disease that I have

  • Ask doctor to help you to fill in the forms also he gives you a report of your condition to PIP

  • I did but she put in the forms that not sick all the time my hospital doc would not help me at all just said to get on with it

  • As others have said you need someone to help you complete the forms. Eg CAB. It is now PIP you apply for and it is all to do with how illness / disability affects you. Nothing to do with not being in work due to health issues. I (and others) get DLA/PIP and work but additional money helps pay for additional items such as mobility scooter.

  • Thank you Bevvy

  • Hi, you will need to appeal if you have been turned down for PIP. You can have the welfare rights officer (you will find this person at your local council office) or the CAB help you to appeal. If May was the last time they said no then the appeal time might have passed now, so you will have to apply again and fill the form out again and put your consultant's detail for the doctor who they should contact. Also use the Welfare rights officer or CAB to help you fill in the form next time.

    Do not leave it keep on fighting by letting the PIP know you would like to appeal and put down your bad days not that some days you can do more.

    Hope this is helpful


  • Thank you so much Maureen

  • Hi October

    Good advice to contact your local Welfare Rights if you have one, if not try the CAB. I assume you already know it is not the conditions you have but how your conditions limit you so you need some extra care and how it effects your mobility.

    For example your mobility may be reduced by breathlessness because of your bronch and asthma. Anxiety and depression may also effect your mobility, depending on how you are effected. Your dyslexia would also have an effect in that you need someone to fill in forms for you.

    PIP is not an out of work benefit and does not depend on your income. It was originally DLA - an allowance to acknowledge that it costs more to live with a disability or long term illness.

    Try again and get a benefits expert to help you.

    Good luck


  • Thank you so much will do so

  • I found a site called workandbenefits and it helped me to make a successful claim I thought it was worth the money for the good advice.😆 good luck, hope you get some help , huff 🙏

  • hi October 1990

    It just might be that you are not ill or disabled enough to get pip a lot of people that are very ill are being refused .Not wanting to sound cruel or anything but loosening your job is not a reason to think need money to help? . What you need is your doctor on your side and if he thinks you are ok to work there is not a hope in hell that the pip assessor's will give you a positive write up. I take it you are 25 years old and don't think your age is the problem it will be more to do with how ill you are and how it affects your life ??

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