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I was determined to find out more about my condition. Copd. ...72.8%...


Concern that the doctor is a bit lazy and layed back about ding doing farang (me).

I am feeling so much better since joining this forum.

My confidence has also gone up from about 5% to about 72.8%. That's not bad considering.

But didn't think it was enough to face my lung special doctor just yet.

So I opted to see doctor Jiranuch...

She nice and kind and also beautiful. .

She talks nice to me and smiles and tells me that she will all that she can to help me.

She is just so understanding.

Everything was going my way...until I mentioned the C T scan that I wanted.

Well normally Doctor Omer would arrange that she told me. ( that is my lung doctor)

I asked her if she could talk to him as we don't have a very good doctor patient relationship. And I layed the blame for is entirely on myself. .

With the most beautiful smile in the world she nodded understandably.

I did see doctor Omer (not his real me) and is everyone. ..

life is so good as I got about 72.8 % my way today. .

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good to find more facts out but don't believe all what you read on google there is some good stuff on there and some very negative information some which puts the fear of god into people , eat well exercise well take medication don't smoke is all we can really do , I believe you are newly diagnosed and it does come as a shock but don't let it take over your life ,


I Google every day all day and night ...I have not looked at it since I joined this forum.


Most of us google and terrify ourselves Wedderburn, until we find this site.

72% is good, you are right to feel happy about it. xx

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