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Sequel Eclipse Portable Oxygen Concentrator

For Sale. Portable continuos flow Oxygen Concentrator. FAA approved. This gave my husband so much independance but I no longer require it due to the loss of my husband.


Pulse Setting:1 - 6 lpm

Continuous Setting: 0.5 - 3 lpm

Max o2 Output (ml/min):2400

Max Bolus (ml):96

Battery Life (@2 L/min):3.6 hr - Pulse; 2.4 hr - Continuous

Weight (lbs):18 - 1 batt

Dimensions:19.3" x 12.3" x 7.1"


£900 Ono

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Hi if you look at the right of the screen you will see a pinned post called 'Respirtory equipment for sale. If you put this in there it will stay up for a lot longer and make it easier to people to see. x

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Thank I thought I had put it into the Respirtory equipment for sale section but there are items there from 2 years ago. It's silly how they aren't removed and the newest item comes on top!!!!


Yes it is isn't it? But there are some much newer posts on there too.. x


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