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Wake up call

This week I have been to the docs 2times I had to cut short my holiday for a hospital appointment to have this thing down my neck I had a lot of trouble with pain in my neck and could not get any food down well I was thinking the big c so my holiday did not go to well with that on my mind but it turned out ok I have got a gland that's got a bit big so I feel glad about that . Well it is 6mouths now from my last cig and I have now lost over 6pound and now look ahead far more better my copd is getting under control as well so life is looking good I wish all people out there the best And fight all the way Ed

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Hi Edtongue1, that was sort of good news from the doctors. Not so good about your holiday though. Well done on getting to the six month milestone with the ciggys. Sorry can't match you with the weight loss so well done on that too, definitely qualify for a gold star and your feeling better for it from the sound of your post. Take care and best wishes that the improvements continue for you. :) :)


Happy days, but sorry about the holiday. ;-)

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Thank you I could never have done it with out my wife and girls nagging me to death


Good news on the neck problem Ed.

You've done great stopping smoking too, it's such a relief when we manage to do it. Happy days.xx


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