Hello, remember me?

Hi! It's mike here an active user a couple of years ago and then I stopped.

The reason I stopped is that I've had a stroke.

It's been an awful hard slog to get to this stage of using a computer, writing, walking, eating etc etc.

there's a long way to go still but I'll get there! My home care from the NHS Community Rehabilitation Team has been terrible I'm ashamed to say so I've done most of the rehab myself.

Anyway, I'm back so come on, what's the gossip?

Mike xx

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  • Oh Mike! I am new here just been on a month or so. Welcome Back. So glad you have persevered and got back to this. I am awake at this ungodly hour due to a course of prednisolone - what's your excuse? Will let everyone else who remembers you fill you in on all that has happened since you were last on here.

    Well done you for managing your rehab. Got to say the NHS seems to be in a bad way these days. Glad you have managed so well despite this.

    All the very best to you Mike.


  • Nice see I'm not only one up at this time morning lol

  • I did mention you in another post earlier but can't see it here. I knew you would be awake getting ready for work. The site is playing up these last couple of days. Have had to shut down and come on again just to read this post.

    Have a good day at work!

  • Yes I had problems last night was slow loading ended up just giving up lol

  • Keeps taking me to a post or a reply and then not letting me read it unless I shut down and get back in! Amazing.

  • Hi Mmike, welcome back. So sorry about your stroke and your poor after care, but I am glad you have the determination to regain your health and strength.

    My father had a stroke, so I can imagine what you have been through, but his physiotherapists were very helpful.

    Like freefaller , I am taking the dreaded red tic tacs , so can't sleep either....but it's getting light now thank goodness.

    Take care

  • Hi Knitter,

    Mine are the chalky white ones so if you don't manage to swallow them in one go you get that gross taste and feel in your mouth. Haven't had the candy coated ones for ages. Much easier to swallow and not so bad if you can't manage to. Dawn is approaching and I feel tired now. Next time I am on these will take them at night as I really don't think it makes a blind bit of difference to wakefulness. I feel tired just as I am getting to the time to take the next lot and usually sleep for a few hours after that - though not today as travelling. All to do with work not pleasure unfortunatley.

  • Hi Mike,welcome back! Sorry to hear about your stroke,sounds like you're having a hard slog at the moment,but good on you for being proactive if your home care is not the best!

    Things will get a bit easier as time goes on,so don't get to despondent!

    Concentrate on the little things you're achieving & give yourself a pat on the back!

    Hugs,Wen xxx

  • Welcome back Mike ! :)

  • Glad you are are on your way back up. Well done to you for the effort you must have put in. Joyce.

  • Welcome back Mike. Well done. Sorry to hear you have had poor NHS Community Care. All the more reason to be proud of yourself.

    Keep up the Rehab and pop in here often.


  • Hello Mike

    Welcome back to the site, and well done getting to this stage in your recovery.

    Not that I am one to Gossip !!!! ....but....This site is full of...how can I put this politely....

    Nutcases !!!!..........

    .Very Supportive,... Very Informed.....Full of Love and Compassion.....All suffering with ill health...but still managing to retain a terrific sense of humour.... apart from the odd Mega Rant !!!

    Like I say...Nutcases...I mean who else manages to laugh when they are ill.

    So Mike, that's you up to date with all the Gossip.

    PS...Don't tell the other members I said this I don't want to be accused of talking behind their backs !!

    Velvet xx

  • Hello Mmike welcome back you have worked really hard too get so far

    Take care


  • Warm welcome back Mmike! Congratulations on your strength and determination, well done you 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Hi Mike. Sorry you had such a tough time but glad you have the strength and determination to make progress. I hope you continue to get better and enjoy being part of this forum again.

    Keep it up


  • Hello Mike and welcome back. You will find some people missing e.g King of the Cocktails (sadly no longer with us in life) but some great new people to get to know. Keep checking in and you will soon be up to speed with the gossip. Good luck with your continuing recovery.

  • Welcome back Mike, you have done well to regain your health to this level. Sad to say a lot of people have moved on due to varied reasons, and several have passed away. So it is nice to see someone returning . We still have an happy ongoing group so hope to see more of you in the coming weeks. Take care xx

  • Welcome back Mike. I've only been on here a few months, you are a very determined man thankfully, and well done, Sally xx

  • Hi Mike, I do remember you and am so pleased that things are improving for you. Thank goodness you can do the rehab yourself - not that you should have to mind.

    Lots of people have come and gone on here and things change quite often. Still a nice friendly site full of advice and support so glad to have you back again.

    Good luck to you and take care.

    Carole xx

  • Hi Mike, you've had a lot on your plate haven't you? you should be proud of yourself for fighting your way back from your stroke, despite being let down by your Community Care team. It scares me to imagine having to rely on these services.

    Anyway, glad your back, the more, the merrier. xx

  • Mike,

    Welcome back..!! Yes it is a 'terrible slog back' after having some sudden, very serious health set back. A couple of days less than three years ago, Aug. 1, 2012, I had my pulmonary collapse and it was one of, if not THE most, earth shattering times of my life. I was completely knocked out for a full week in ICU and when I woke I'd lost 25 lbs., had not one muscle left in my body and didn't remember anything of the previous 7 days except for a few bits and pieces of what were either bad, bad dreams or hallucinations.

    Anyway, I was monitored for another week in hospital and then spent a week afterwards in "rehab"..., HA!! I came home and I too have been slowly rehabbing myself like you, though I've been back on the computer since day one of being home again.

    Walking, speaking above a whisper in more than short bursts because of diaphram muscle weakness and general 'up-tempo' living have been slow to return but patience and perseverance does the trick. Diet and exercise are also important as are additional supplements like CoQ10, Niacin and other 'individualized' supplements; however, as I'm sure you've discovered, it's all possible and all one has to do is..., "KEEP ON TRUCKIN' " !!!!



  • Hi, Mike, glad to have you back, you really have been through it, and not much support from NHS, unfortunately, but glad to see you on the mend now.

    I hope things keep improving for you,

    All the best,

    Christine. XXX

  • Mike hi ,good your back and after such a horrible time.,hope you continue to improve ,I was awake also but trying to not get on tablets phone etc .I have (before I had to retire early ) well it was stroke and dementia ,so I know how hard it is to get your stuff together and I'm sorry the care was rubbish.Keep your chin up and don't overdo things .Wishing you nothing but good .

  • Wow, people remember me! Those that don't also sending good wishes, thank you all!

    I'll try and check in often but having hardly any memory I may forget, bear with me please!

    Have a great evening everyone

    Mike xx

  • You're a hero. Congratulations on True Grit. Good luck, and God bless the rest of your journey.

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