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Dose Anyone Know What CL Means on Blood Test Results

I have seen other's blood test results pictures and they have what I assume to be disease code where CL is on my picture blood test results.

It's funny how it's everything to do with blood cells immunity

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Sorry, I'm not sure; but at least they all have "no action" after them, suggesting all is OK. Time to ask the BLF nurses perhaps, if no-one on here has a better idea.

Times like this you miss ole BC with her knowledge

Sorry I can't help. All the best go you though Daz xx


Hi, I think it means Critical Low which indicates that your doctor needs to know if your levels of that component are dropping below a safe level.

No idea Daz but hope someone can come up with something for you. Take care. xxxx

webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/chl... ,, hi im not sure if this is right one but indicates c, i, plus with the no action i would not listen to it, as ive none others have no action when action as been needed,, always best to see the doc and get a answer sooner than later to clear it up. whether no action is stated on any results, mistakes are costly in early dx in any health related matters,

i don't know either but when I was looking I came across this list which might explain some abbreviations nnuh.nhs.uk/docs%5Cdocument... There's also a website called labtestsonline.org which can be useful to explain lab tests. Sorry can't help more but I'd love to know the answer! Xx

Hi - CL is the Calcium level in your blood and this link willl explain more - cancerresearchuk.org/about-...

Cut and paste it if it is too long.

Hope it helps

Ca the chemical formula for Calcium, it's level can be a marker for the diagnosis of certain illnesses in the body. I have an annual test for ovarian cancer...a Ca 125. Test.

My levels are always listed as Ca not C which is the formula for Carbon.

Best to ask your Gp

Velvet x

C 125 test not the same I think as CL level in blood. C125 specific to ovarian cancer?

Ca is calcium BUT CL is Calcium Level. Do read the item here cancerresearchuk.org/ab...

If you take another look it seems as if the test in question is for serum ferritin ( Iron )

And they are OK.

Again it's best for D3NIS to check with his GP

Velvet x

Forgot to add chemical formula Fe


By the way Denis is a bloke...

Blimey Denis,finally something you don,t know the answer to,never thought I,d see the day,lol.Hope you get the secret code,they just do it to annoy us I reckon,good luck mate.D. πŸ‘

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You Farmer D

What you doing up this late !!

You are supposed to be looking after yourself

Get to bed...yah hear

Velvet x

Hi Velvet,it,s 2.35a.m. And I,m sitting in my kitchen drinking Elderflower Presse.I go wild at the weekend lol!Yah hear! πŸ’

Hi Farmer D

I hear yah farmer D,

enjoy !!

Permisson granted

Nurse Velvet xx

This uses an American example, but . . .



' Common lab flags. These include C for Critical (sometimes it can stand for Comment), H for High, L for Low, CH for Critical High, CL for Critical Low, and D for Delta. . . .

Look somewhere on the report for a line that explains what certain letters (flags) stand for in your specific report. This legend will usually appear at the bottom of the result page.'

CL nothing to do with High or Low and not at all 'critical' - its just the level and it varies. See this: cancerresearchuk.org/ab...

Blood chemistry is hemotology specialism but the markers are used for all manner of diagnoses.

Hi, you have received some interesting answers to your question. Here is my take: from the answers you can see that CL can stand for various things on blood test reports (like chlorine, critically low) and you have to look at the context. In your report it is mentioned after each analytical test. The results of your analysis are all in the expected normal range so therefore you have a comment of "no action" behind each. So, in this report the CL in brackets is an explanatory comment and probably stands for "clinical" meaning that the results and conclusions were derived from an actual measurement of patient blood based on clinical assessment of the measured values.

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Maybe I'm dense but considering all the relevant tests state 'no action' after them and also have CL in front... I took that to mean 'clear' ??? !!

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