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New Toy!

After seeing the asthma nurse (who knows that I have both asthma and bronchiectasis) on Monday she recommended that I change to Fostair NEXT inhaler as my hands are getting even more arthritic and I have been having problem pushing down the release on the Flutiform inhaler. On the Fostair it says that each dose is 100mg - I was on a 250 mg Flutiform, 2 doses in the morning (500 mg) and 2 before going to bed (another 500 mg). So what do I do? I will try having 2 doses am and pm and see how it goes. The leaflet with the Fostair says that 4 puffs a day are the maximum. Weird that it should be a different dosage to other inhalers. At least it has a much better 'window' to see when it is time to get a new one!

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All of these inhalors are different drugs (obviously) and are taken in different doses from each other. I have been using fostair for years 2 puffs twice per day. I have bronchiectasis but I think that those with COPD take the same dose. It stopped the anaerobic infections that I had been having.


Thanks Stillstanding - that clears up that little mystery!


I'm on Fostair,through a acuhalor which gets into the lungs easier,I found it to be gentle and also can be used as a preventer with my salamol one, I get no muck in my mouth left or meds stuck to my toncils, I love it ,best one so far for me,no side effects.

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Thank you Colours, I have been lucky and not had problems with inhalers so far, it was being able to activate them. Glad that Fostair suits you well.


Thanks for that Colours, I`ve been trying to make up my mind whether to change to Fostair from Seretide. Quite a while ago my surgery announced that everyone on Seretide was to change to Fostair `cos it`s cheaper. So when i asked the resp nurse to change m y script she said "No not you " but

I`m going to ask for it now. Don`t think Seretide has ever agreed with me.

Keep well, Sheila x


I am on the Next foster as well I take two puffs in the morning and 2 in the evening I have severe emphysema - I am getting on well with the inhaler and find it very easy to use - do not forget to swill your mouth out after though - take care xx


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