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Aches n pains

Diagnosed a couple of weeks ago now with Sarcoidosis of lungs and lymph glands and also have Sarcoids on legs... I have noticed this past couple of days that my aches n pains seem as though they are becoming more frequent and more noticeable. Can anyone give guidance to if this could be weather/heat related or part of the condition that this gets worse. I am on steroid treatment and have also noticed that my bottom jaw is starting to feel sore/tender to the touch... Not sure if this last part is down to the start of my new sexy looks (moon face) xx

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oldestnewest Some info here.

As for the Moon Face it is a common issue with Steriods. Might be worth a visit to teh GP to discuss in more detail?

Be well


Thank you for the link Offcut 😊


Good Morning, I am sorry I can't offer any useful advise (my husband suffers with COPD) but I did want to say HI and suggest that you could ring the helpline perhaps they could offer you some advise. You can call the helpline on 03000 030 555 Lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Lots of love TAD xx

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Thank you Tad, I contacted my GP and had bloods re taken on Friday to check bone profile and for inflammation so will see if anything comes back from them.

I really need to go over and see my GP again as I feel I have traced the start of the Sarcoidosis back to this time last year in which case I'm wanting full heart check to make sure it hasn't moved in there. Plus I feel really, really ill at present to the extent I'm worried that I feel the way I do. If I do the slightest thing it wipes me out completely!

Cath x


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