Steroids and eyes!

Saw the ophthalmologist again today.The latest eye drops did the business and have brought the pressure right down,L/16 R /18 from 24." So we,ll check them again in six months" said he." No no ," said I " I can,t put up with my eyes being this bad for that long,I can,t even see anything on the TV." I,m aware that to try and save money they,ve been told to wait as long as possible before referrals for cataract surgery because they want us to pay for it,even on the NHS."and there,s the problem of your breathing" Just another excuse.Anyway according to my son who was with me,I had a go at him,the Dr not my son,he relented and said he would refer me back to the North Mid,that discharged me( the pulmonary consultant) last month to see about surgery( sorry about the pun) So should be able to see again in about five months.Latest in the "Farmer,s Saga" lol.I might write a book if I live long enough,if for nothing else just to get it out of my system.Happy breathing chums?D. 😎 πŸ‘€ 😎

PS.Got down to 5mg preds ,struggling. A bit but need to last until Brompton appointment

On the 27th July

maybe get on the transplant list ( eyes crossed lol ) πŸ‘€

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  • Good luck with everything FarmerD. Well done with the preds. Suzyxxx

  • Thanks Suzy!D.πŸ’

  • Have to agree with fliberti, I have had both eyes done for cataracts due to steroids, and only had to wait couple of months. I even decided for myself when they were annoying enough to have them done, and was referred straight away.

    Good luck πŸ€

    GJ x

  • Thanks Gran.🌺

  • Hope things start looking up for you. You've enough on your plate without this!

  • Well done on the preds. The mouse tried and gave up giving up. Arthritic twinges and I wasn't imagining them made me. Cataracts not grown since last year and keep using the drops. Hope you get your op.

    X πŸ€

  • Thank you DD.🌾

  • Hi FarmerD glad you got them to agree to the cataract surgery after a push, good un you for sticking up for your rights. see from your post you still are maintaining your sense of humour against all odds.You are doing well with your preds in my opinion that deserves a reward, so good look at the appointments.

  • Thanks Katie,🌻 πŸ‘€πŸŒΎ

  • My brother has just had his left cataract done when he went back to see the DR he was told he would have to wait 6-9 months to have the right one done they wont do them until they are fully formed {ripe }.

    Good luck farmer

  • Thank you Ona.D.

  • Hi farmer, I hope they sort your eyes out asap. It's been one thing after another for you.

    You did right to stand your ground, the meek ones are being fobbed off. It's just happened to my son who was due to have a barium test. They said they can' t do it now at our local clinic and can he travel 60 miles to another one for it instead.

    It's survival of the gobbiest nowadays I afraid. Not that I'm saying your gobby,

    lol. xx

  • I've been called a lot worse than gobby lol.Some medical professionals think we,re stupid,I,m many things but I don,t think stupid is one of them,cheers Casper


  • Keep up the good fight it seems we all have to get on our high horses to get anything done now.

    Be Well

  • Thanks Offcut, Gobby! Lol

  • Lol. xx

  • Good for you Farmer D sometimes you have to stick up for yourself as it is you living with your problems. The doctor is right to mention your breathing though because so many just look at one problem and disregard everything else. Let's hope you will soon be seeing so much better and good luck with your appointment at the Brompton on 27th July. Fingers crossed (and eyes!) for you.

    Pete goes to the Brompton in August to see the sarc specialist and cardio doctor too.

    You take care. xxxx

  • Well done you on getting down on the pred. Could you get a pill cutter (from pharmacy) to cut a few 5mgs in half for times when you're struggling when you could take 7.5.

    Just a thought, I know they're tiny but might be worth a try. P xx

  • Hi Peege,they actually do a two and a half pill.I did a week of seven and a half on GPs orders.Problem is they take about three days to affect,interesting theory though.πŸ˜€ D.

  • Good on ya Farmer. I hope this now moves along quickly for you and you get the op you need. Good luck hun.


  • Thank you Cof.D.

  • I had cataract surgery a few years ago and it was like a miracle. I had no clue how bad my my eyes really were. Just saying. I am stage 4 copd and have much steroids over the years. U.S. here.

  • Thanks Patsy.D.

  • hi davy good luck, typical aberdonian never take no for an answer lol.


  • Aye Tam,my ancestors were the Picts a staunch lot.✊🏽 πŸ’ͺ🏼 ✊🏽

    Cheers D.

  • Hi farmer D, if I remember rightly you use a nebuliser for Salbutamol.....I have been advised to keep my eyes closed when using mine to prevent the drug getting into my eyes as it may raise the pressure.

    My mother has glaucoma and I had high pressure before taking Ventolin and steroids....I have cataracts too.

    Take care

  • Hi Knitter,it depends who you talk to.I spoke to Dr Nicholson( quite famous ) and he told me it,s only the salbutamol that,s mixed with something else(can,t remember what) that's bad for the eyes,He,s at the Brompton

    And does a lot of research.I keep my eyes shut anyway just in case.I,m really going to miss Wimbledon this year,can hardly tell my Murrays from my Nadals let alone see the damn ball lol.

    Cheers D. πŸ‘€

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