Hi All,

Would just like to thank you for all your lovely comments after my post of last night. Was feeling so frustrated that I am no further forward with a diagnosis and annoyed that the physio had been cancelled just because the biopsy had been inconclusive - still don't know why that made a difference to the physio as we didn't know what the nodule was when the appointment was made and we still don't so nothing has changed. Anyway, feeling a little more positive today as getting on with things at home - lots to do and had a lot of disruptions to my work too but at least have made a start on a big job.

Take care everyone,




2 Replies

  • So pleased you are feeling more positive today. It's bad enough living with lung disease without having obstacles put in your way. Try and keep smiling and take care xx

  • Feeling a lot more positive today. Thanks. xxx

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