7 weeks since i have had my op at st james.leeds.carnt believe the difference in my breathing,it was tough going but well worth it,would highly reccomend this op if u r suitable to have it,previously used to post as JEAN LOCK,im a 66 year old female,and i feel as if ive been given my life back,get to the doctors see if anything can be done for you,i waited 14 months well worth the wait,love to you all,just been having a dance round kitchen now i can breathe,ha ha love to you all

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  • keep on dancing ha ha xx

  • What op did you have

  • lung volume reduction

  • Hi Travis. Did you have surgery or coils fitted ?

  • surgery

  • HI

    Very pleased for you! I have heard very good things about this particular procedure. I am a 65 year old female with severe COPD & Severe Pulmonary Hypertension I too am hoping to qualify for this LVR surgery at some point as it was mentioned as a possibility by a couple of consultants at Harefield .Keeping fingers crossed. Once again

    Once again, Congratulations.



  • Hello Travis,

    I'm so pleased for you and envious. What exactly did you have before your op' ? Did you have bronchiectasis and/or emphysema or something else? XX

  • Brilliant,so glad it went well for you.Regards D.

  • Great news, it's lovely to read positive posts. Thanks for coming on and sharing. xx

  • Fantastic news.

  • i had emphysema good luck malinka try to keep as fit as possible dont hesitate if you can have it done go for it x

  • thanks for your replies x

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