Tough Night

Hi all,

I really had a tough night. After being told to stop all inhalers I was feeling very off, no appetite whatsoever, no energy and a sensation of an asthma attack most of the time. I stuck that out for two weeks.

I decided to self medicate and go back on the Symbicort 200/6, first night was fine and I slept till 4 and then took a sleeping tablet and nodded off for another two hours. Yesterday took a Symbicort puff at 8am another at 2.00pm and lastly two puffs at 11.30.

All was good and my breathing felt open & clear as I lay back. I fell asleep for an hour and then bang I woke up seriously short of breath. I couldnt seem to get a breath in or out for at least an hour. I had to move to my sons bed as the wife was back off a lng flight and I didn't want to disturb her. My heart is off the radar at the moment I'm convinced there is an arrythmia.

Roll on this sleep test.


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  • What an awful night you had. It must be very frightening for you. Glad that you are having a sleep test and hope it gives you some answers. When is the sleep test? Lots of love TAD xx

  • 25th of June, feels like an eternity. I am also using sleeping tablets at the moment due to the anxiety of all this but I won't be able to use them during the sleep study.

    Another minor concern

  • Thanks

  • It sounds like you need the reliever blue ventolin. Do you have one? Symbicort is not a reliever but does open your airways for 12 hours. This could have been an asthma attack as I get those and my symptoms are the same. x

  • I have a blue inhaler, I'll try it tonight. Beginning to fear going asleep

  • Hi take 2 puffs before you go to bed and take it with you just in case you wake in the night coughing badly or unable to breathe. x

  • Will do

  • Hi, I wonder if you have suffered from a rebound effect after stopping the Symbicort as it has a steroid depends how long you have been using it maybe.

    In the past I have tried to cut back on my oral steroids , and failed. I asked my consultant if it could be a rebound effect....he said it could happen to some people.

    I would contact your GP again and ring the BLF Helpline

  • Good call, I'll talk to my consultant about this.

  • Is there a number to call the BLF from outside the UK?

  • Hi again, I think you can send a query by email....look at the BLF website....take care

  • So very frightening. Hope you get this sorted out soon.

  • Has any one mentioned Sleep Apnea to you?

  • Yes study scheduled in a few weeks. I'm not over weight BMI in correct range and don't snore. Puzzled 😳

  • Hi CK, I notice you said you took a sleeping tablet. Whenever I`m in hospital (I have asthma and emphysema) the staff all tell me I mustn`t have sleeping tablets because they depress the lungs. I find a saline nebuliser helps most. Keep well, Sheila

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