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Breathing dificultys

Im 12 years old and i love to be active but suddenly when i have been playing football but not even running around that much i have been experiencing shortness of breath therefore i would breath through a jumper (this sometimes helps me) this has happened in the past but is happening more often i have also had shortness in breath while siting down this has happened for the first time today .I have been more concerned because in a recent science class we tested our breaths per minute most had 17 i only had nine i would appreciate it if you could reply with some sort of solution or diagnosis.Thank you.

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Hi Courtney.

I think you should ask your parents should take you to your GP for diagnosis and treatment as appropriate. Good luck. Andy


Hi ppcourtney

So sorry you are experiencing these problems. I absolutely agree with Andy, you and your parents need to see your GP.

You may find it helpful whilst you are waiting for an appointment to speak to one of the specialist nurses at BLF - click on red balloon above for 'phone number. They are very helpful and experienced and will advise young and old.

Good luck and will you please let us know how you get on.

love cx


Has your parents brought you to doctors, my grandson had this years ago playing football, brought him to doctors and he had asthma when exercising, but we can't quess, you have to be seen by doctor ngood luck. Annette


Hi Courtney, you have good advice from others so I can only agree with what they have said. You do need to get a proper diagnosis so it is a visit to the GP. Wishing you well and do let us know how things turn out. xxxx


Thanks all


Remember never ever smoke, anything. Thats the really important thing you should know at 12 years of age. Good luck with your football.


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