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Grrr mucus give me a break !!

Does anyone have these symptoms, constant mucus from back of nose and throat copious amounts that eventually collects at the junction in the bottom of the breast bone becomes sore and burns then prevents you from breathing , I swear that the mucus is coming from my sinus but ent say no polyps no problems in sinus area ! But I can literally suck in out (gross sorry) then I start heaving it out. Why do we make so much mucus on a daily basis ? Why doesn't it pass through the body ? Consultants answer shrug!! Any info gratefully accepted some days I'm at it all day long it has been going on a couple of years I'm now losing the will xxx

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if you are not on mucodyne you can get that from your doctor its best to gub it up this drug helps to break it up.

Hi teaks thanks for reply, I've been on mucodyne for years so god knows what I'd be like but thanks anyway xx take care carol

I am suffering from ILD (Interstitial Lung decease) which was diagnosed in March this year. I have exessive build-up of mucus in the throat and nose and any amount of steam inhalation has had no effect. I have a hand book on Ayurveda home remedies. I tried this remedy for 10 days and my mucus has vanished!

Boil 10 gms of Sprague (Trachyspermum ammi) in 500 gms of water for 15 minutes. Let it cool, then add two piches of salt and gargle twice a day. And say goodbye to mucus build-up!


Hi Choclee well I will def give this a try the damn mucus is so gross and copious amounts it's ruining my life on a daily basis, thanks keep well xx carol

Sprague (Trachyspermum ammi) : I can't find sales info on this. Where can one get it?

carol I have Emphysema and I did nothing but cough and bringing up the dreaded mucus but as soon as I hoofed it out there was a little man in there with a jug full topping me up and by chance my wife called on a Sunday afternoon and an NHS doctor came to see me because my wife couldn't stand the awful coughing any more. He asked had I ever taken Carbosystein [I think that's how they spell it] I said I'd never heard of it. He gave me a prescription we got some on the Monday he told me to take one tablet 4 times a day and now I can't remember what its like to cough it worked a treat. Ask your GP and give it a try good luck I hope it works for you.

Hi ex stream I've been on carbcystein for a few years but the little man with the jug just keeps filling up daily but thanks for replying glad it worked for you xxx

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Hello , do you think if I took Carbosystein, this would work for me as I have Bronchiectasis.



Hi Jimmy I don't know what your symptoms are as with bronchiectasis there are many, carbocysystien caps are to help break the mucus down so it's easier to cough up (gross but fact)' mine has got so much worse and copious amounts over past eighteen months I'm struggling a bit, hope that helps you ask your gp hope you get the help you need take care, carol x

Hi ,I had the same trouble last year ,continuous productive cough,I was prescribed mucodyne which helped move the mucus and thin it ,,,,but I wanted something to stop the continuous productive cough,,,,I was prescribed a flutter devise,and it helped ,good luck ,

Thanks nanny yes same as you carbs n flutter but there is so much of the stuff on a daily basis I'm trying to find out why I make so much mucus and slow it down ? Every time I get rid within an hour it's as bad again grr, but thanks xx

That was just the same for me,months and months all last summer until probably march this year,I was too embarrassed to go out ,even my 11 year old grandaughter said one day when I ventured out ,," shall we go home nanny" It broke my heart,

It seemed I was having repeated chest infections,and my standby amoxicillin 500 2 tablets 3 times a day for 2 weeks at a time did t help AT ALL. ,finaly In January this year I was given Doxycycline ,1 a day for 2 weeks and it started to improve ,then another 8 week course at pulmary rehab ,,,,did the trick ,and I'm now back in the gym ,

So yes I do know how you feel ,it was a shock to me as I had never hAd it that bad before,,,,,and I hope I never do again,

I wish you well ,

I know I have been battling with the copious mucus for a couple of years now my six year old granddaughter has never known me well which does break my heart, can't do much with her it's a wonder I don't terrify her but as I say that's all she has ever known of me, well il keep on trying if it were not for the mucus I feel quite well, thanks for the replies really appreciate it xx stay well carol

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Sorry Carolg1 but I suffer just the same. I use the Flutter device and take mucadyne and I use the autogenic breathing, I cut out cheese and milk and chocolate but still this hug inside with the jug stays busy!!! It has caused me so much distress at times when I cannot breath out especially and during the night. I so wish I had an answer for all of us in this state. I have been in steroids for over 12 months and they did help initially but no longer. I have dine 2 lots of Rehab and all the exercise bu nothing helps. Doc say its just part of having COPD. Let me know if you find a solution.

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Hi hallentine, I know it is gross so disabilitating and distressing for both your self and your family to watch !! My poor young son certainly doesn't deserve to see me in this state it's unbelievable that there seems to be nothing to stop the production , whom ever discovers something will be a god !! Send to us all, thanks for responding, keep well xx carol

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And so say all of us,

Hi doing rehab is good ,but if you have to continue exersising ,as the benefit only lasts for a couple of months ,think back to how you felt 6/7 weeks in to the rehab ,,,,,and how much better you felt ,,,well that's how you can be if you continue exersising ,,,I go twice a week for an hour each day ,and I feel the benefit ,,,I am now up to 2&1/2 Klm on the tread mill ,some of it up hill ,in 36 mins ,I try to better the distance or time each ,

I wish you well ,

HI i was on mucodyne and i had the same as you i was taken into southmead hospital and i was given CARBOCISTEINE 375 mg and boy it shot out and i am clear it is the best i have have had ask your doctor for it best of luck

Thanks for the reply splodge I am already on carbocystien capsules but appreciate your reply keep well xx Carol

Hi have had the same problem for years saw a different specialist and he said don't use any of your usual sprays for a while just try Sterimar nasal hygiene Allergies& Sinusitis spray 100% Natural sea water Nasal spray bought some in boots £7. 95p but well worth it what a difference it has made to me might be worth a try for you good luck hope this helps.

Hi crazy enough, I do a nasal rinse but I was wondering if that was making it worse but I will give the sea water a try thank u , keep well xx carol

Sorry I meant cazzyben predictive text !! Put crazy enough haha

hi, just try NAC, in Australia we can buy it over the counter, however, I buy mine from the US Company name is Swanson. On the net is swansonvitamins.com

just make sure you take equal amount of vitamin C with it

Ciao, Tony

Thanks tony, I did try these but I developed really bad indigestion after taking them so I switched back to carbocystien caps but thanks for reply x take care

Hello Everyone. I have long term sarcoidosis of the lungs and produce a lot of thick mucus in my lungs (not my nose and throat). I was coughing it up several times during the day, but a physiotherapist taught me Active Cycle of Breathing Technique (there are lots of websites and video that explain it) a couple of years ago. I do it morning and near bedtime and now don't produce mucus at all during the day. Such a relief from the continual coughing I had before. May I also say that I have tried Mucodyne but even though I do the Active Cycle of Breathing Technique the Mucodyne makes me cough continuously during the day. Different medicines work differently for different people. Thank you all. Christine

Thanks Christine I will check the videos out il give anything a go take care xx carol

I have very thick sticky mucus I erdotin 300 caps when it gets very bad it helps to thin it out. I also have a suction machine for when my lungs are so bad a cannot cough to bring it all the way up ..it helps. I have never found an answer some say go dairy free.. others just don't believe u ..There is another drug call Mukedine not sure of the spelling .. I hope this of help I do understand how u feel.

Hi tads, I'm curious which suction machine do you use, my ribs an body is so wrecked' I literally heave mine up as if I'm being sick it's awful, it can't be doing my insides any good x carol

Hi ..when I was in ITU a few years ago I was having terrible problems getting up the thick sticky mucus I get ..One of the nursea suggested we tried a bit of suction. .I could get the mucus so far then it was up and down up and down..I was getting v tired. also I don't have the puff to blow my nose..so u can imagine what it is like when I have a cold. I had tried saline nebs .etc ..nothing worked but using suction means I can keep my airways clear. So I get the mucus as far up as u can and use the suction to get it the last bit. BAD news is u cannot get on .N.H.S. . Unless u have a tracky But I think about £115 to buy and like wise u have to buy the catheters.. I order small sizes ..I can see some people are not going to like this and give me some grief..But last year I was very poorly with a cold and chest infection I had fallen asleep with the suction machine going I woke up a bit later unable to breath both my nose and throat were bunged up with mucus I could not cough to get it up ..so I was able to use the suction to clear the mucus. Then I was able to get some help. Had I not had the suction I would be pushing up daisy's now. It is done with medical supervision my GP and consultant. Sorry about spelling not my strong point and tired. Any more questions ask away. .I find it brill takes a bit of getting used to ..saved a few broken ribs from coughing and huffing..have a good night..😊🐶 xx

Hi tads thanks for the info I know what you mean but hey if it helps you than its go to be good, il check out the suction unit if I can find one on here, does it have a name xx take care carol

It it is a suction pump Fleam I got from Beaucarenedical.Co.UK product title AW suction pump mini aspirator ...it comes with some suction catheters but I found they were to big at the moment I am getting them from GP supplies. Limit but u have to pay vat I am trying to find somewhere else ..But had so much on and not been well. I ordered a job lot so still have loads left.. but the suction saves on broken ribs I can tell u and pulled muscles anything else or if u need more info Pl get in touch happy to help take care

I have had this problem now for many years, I was up and down from my desk at work like a yo-yo, it was embarrassing and my colleagues were starting to say that I sounded like an 80 a day smoker as I constantly barked and cleared my throat.

Two months back I identified nocturnal sinus drip as 75% of the problem. I literally notoced a large globule of phlegm transiting down the back of my throat one morning, I wasnt having an exacerbation.

I started twice daily sinus rinses with Neilmed saline solution & was prescribed a Steroid nasal inhaler also.

A number of times a day I take to opportunity to expel mucus from my sinus by both blowing and snorting. When I lie down at night after 10 minutes in the supine position I then clear the mucus before sleeping. Sometimes I am amazed by the amounts of sputum present.

My morning cough is now just one dry one and the phlegm has more or less disappeared altogether.

It's not a cure all but helps.

Hi CK, Yes I actually at the moment following the same routine as you with the rinse and spray, but sometimes I feel it is creating more im so confused I certainly can breath better after I have rinsed but it feels after a couple of hours its doubled up in volume, like you I feel large globules slipping down so it does sound very similar, hope your well. thanks Carol x

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