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Can Anyone IDENTIFY These Various Blood Cells

Can Anyone IDENTIFY These Various Blood Cells

Yup i have been having fun with my microscope EVEN had few coughing fits ashtma attacks the finished of by hyperventalating.

Ant lung disease copd infections great.

Anyway i decided to look at some of my blood under microscope.

Obveasly it was not taken from vain but pin prick on finger.

To clarify i tested or looked at other family members blood cells under the microscope and it was only mine that had pointed cells MicroRNA's

The picture TOP RIGHT is diabetes blood the other THREE are mine .. Issue is what are those BLUE things

Anyway looking at pics blood cells i cant help feeling there is something DOC's gp's are not telling me

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You have me baffled Dr Denis, but I hope someone can help. :)


Hi Toci cheers yer to some looking but i have idea ;)

Is quite intresting shows us this lots docs let slide as mean age diease level stuff

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Reply Hi D3NIS theres a page hear avnt a clue really but interesting reading,,

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Hi ItsBAme

Cheers yer is all is intresting.

This is defo good read BEST description i found ;)

microRNA :o


Wow great pics but would not have a clue have you googled it?????

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Odd. ??? Interesting!

Let us know what you find out Denis.


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