Maybe having a condition or 2 stops you noticing a bug?

Maybe having a condition or 2 stops you noticing a bug?

My son and wife have both gone down with a thick head, headaches, tight throat and minor aches and pains and a general lethargy. Dosing them selves with the usual remedies, to relieve the affects. My wife is concerned that I will get it and it will blow out of control? I told her that I feel like that all of the time so how do I know it is the same bug or just my live-in problems? So in a perverse way my conditions maybe masking a bug that is doing it's rounds.

The funny thing is the tablets she has found are easing the little blighter have warnings on them that name 3 of the many drugs I take!

Be Well

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  • Wishing you all a speedy recovery xxx

  • Thank you

  • I think you could be right Offcut as how would you know with all the drugs you take? Pete is very similar and I do try and not worry too much but then back in Feb it all went pear shaped and we both went down with a horrible bug. Have to keep him well now even though I am a tad anxious about going to the I.O.W. on the 11th. What can you do? Stay indoors all the time - I don't think Pete would want that so have to stay positive.

    Wishing your wife and son a speedy recovery and you stay well too - so far as you can that is. Take care. xxx

  • I agree PMA is the only way forward.

  • Think we might have something going around I'm freezing sore throat runny nose hope you don't get it Offcut

  • Me too!

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