Graphic : bronchiectasis emphysema

Graphic : bronchiectasis emphysema

What looks like under microscope.

Tottaly RANK the white crust is i assume to be steriode inhaler residue.

Yup looks like various stages of inflamation lung destruction IL-13 & IL30

As you can guess i will not be looking at cell types tissue again as nocked me sick

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  • Not nice to look at Daz. Don't torture yourself sweetie. You take care. xxx

  • Hi sassy59 yer is rank never expected to see out like that.

    is disgrace how the try to blame soly smoking.

    Think thats why keep us ignorant as to lunng health and sh### jobs as by same maths they must be as harmful

    But still you dont hear about that.

  • Dazz that is 'el vomito'!!! Hang on I've got a tune for you!................

  • Hi huffpuffer defo agree makes you sick really but am not worried.

    Its not like am on my own av surport of blf healthunlocked members

    Yer pic is COPD and is quite a few of us BE nice is new if meds was working tho

    Great tune just tad B Movie ish lol

    Cheers thanks ;)

  • Not a pretty sight. I would ditch the microscope and get a few grates of scotch.

  • Hi offcuts defo great idea .. As been weather for it :)

    Yer it's not all bad news been doing lots of reading " of my lung doc's " disapproval

    Anyway been looking at that rank pic of mine and that's copd in action WHAT as been of intreats is Lung Inflamation IL13 & IL33 as that is culprit NOW I will be seeing my doc as there is immunity drug that helps stop that and considering my GP as said am undergoing complex immunity test a think it's only right I ask him

    Here's good read on issues

    As you might of seen BLF have just been asking members for GSK if the would be interested in copd research YUP looking into very thing we are talking about here.

  • I am having a blood test for Heart research next week to see if I qualify for testing.

    Good luck the doc hope all goes well.

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