thank you all

from the bottom of my heart, for all your prayers & best wishes, am not a religious man, but so thankful to have joined this community,diane is still with us, they tryed taking out the ventilator today, but she could only manage about 30 minutes with an oxygen mask, so she had to be re-sedated & put back on the ventilator, the nurses said that it can happen some times, apparantly nothing to worry about !!!

it depends on the abilitly of the patient themselves, so once again thanks to all of you, who responded in my hour of need, tom.

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  • Hi Tom. Sorry I missed your previous post. It sounds like your wife is in the best place and the Royal Brompton has a very good reputation. I am thinking of you my love. Keep your spirits up as the chances are she will be fine and have many more years yet. Take care. xx

  • Hi,

    I am glad to hear that your wife is doing quite well considering and you are sounding a lot less distraught now which is good. No wonder you were so concerned and worried, but she is in good hands, and sometimes people need to be gradually weaned off ventilators so it can take a bit of time, but during the time she is being ventilated, its giving her lungs a rest as well as her other organs. Everybody is different, so keeping positive and remembering that there are lots of people on this forum who have been in that situation and are still here and actively posting.

    Wishing you and your wife all the best and hoping that she can come off the ventilator soon.

    Take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Keeping you and your lovely wife in my thoughts (and prayers) sounds like she's doing ok, never the less, do blooming scary, look after yourself tiger, because the royal Brompton will defiantly look after Dianne xxxxx

  • Hello Tom, I have been reading your previous post about your dear wife. It is good to hear they will be taking her off the ventilator soon. As the others have said, she may be weaned off it gradually.

    I wish you both well.

    AS x

  • Hello Tom, it's good to hear from you and I'm keeping you both in my thoughts and wishes, take good care of yourself and get some shut-eye, hugs huff xxx

  • So happy to hear things are looking up at last! Just hang in there,her body will know when she can keep off the ventilation.

    Be patient,lots of good wishes to you both,

    Love Wen xxx

  • So pleased you have better news. As the others have said, your dear wife is being looked after very well by the hospital but it's so important that you take care of yourself!! My thoughts and best wishes are with you both. Jan xx

  • Keep thinking positive thoughts Tom, you are going through a terrible time at the moment but i hope it all comes well at the end for your wife

  • Hello Tom, thank you for taking the time to up date us on your wives health. It sounds a little better than when you first posted. Hope this is a sign of more improvement to come. Take care my heart goes with youx

  • tigerhouse, Good morning Tom. What a difficult time you are both having, you must feel absolutely helpless, Dreadful watching someone that you love so much having such a difficult time. Do hope there will soon be better news,Thinking of you and Diane, Regards, Bulpit

  • Glad to hear your news Tom and glad that she has been able to be off the ventilator for a little time. It is reassuring to hear a nurse say it is nothing to worry about. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your wife. Lots of love TAD xx

  • Better news thank goodness. Healing vibes Tom to Diane. Take care of yourself too.


  • Thank you for the update Tom, it sounds as if Diane is making progress which is good news. as the others have said don't forget to look after yourself. My thoughts are with you both xx

  • Good Morning Tom, sorry, I too missed your first post. So sorry to hear about Diane but as she is being trialed for coming off the ventilator, hopefully won't be too long now. love and all kind wishes to you and Diane. Margaret x

  • Well the good thing is they are looking at taking it out soon. So that looks like an improvement. I was weaned off 3 different ventilator machines. The second one they got me to sit in a chair for an hour to see how I coped while still being ventilated. I was so wiped out by it they kept me on it for a few more days. PMA.

    Be Well

  • Hi Tom, thinking of you and Diane and hoping things improve soon. The Brompton is a good place to be when support and help is needed. Bless you both and lots of love, Carole xxxx

  • I am really glad to hear some good news! Best wishes to you bothxxx

  • So glad things are improving - get some rest if you can, you'll feel better for it, and stay strong. In all our thoughts and prayers as you can see.

  • good morning, thank you ever so much for your info,i know shes in the best place etc, shes due to have the trachy op sometime to day, but it might seem a selfish thing to say & i am baring my soul now, i don't want to build my hopes up, diane is a far stronger person than me, i doubt i could go through what she has, i was coming home on sunday evening from euston station in central london only to realise it was the marathon day, the station was packed more so than usual, i managed to get on a train-standing, and was surrounded by people having done this or that sponsored run, half way home i broke down in tears, and total strangers both men & women comforted me for the rest of the journey, just like yourselfs & so many more on this wonderful website, many thanks tom.

  • Hello Tom. No disgrace to break down. My Husband and Son have lately too. In a way I found it comforting. They are both strong for me but have just that little edge which proves to me it is genuine not false.

    In my thoughts and prayers today. Love Suzyxxx

  • So glad to hear this, she will get there x

  • Sending good wishes your way, bless you both :-) xxx

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