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Tips on getting fit?


Seeing as how this is my first official post on this site other than my introduction, I'm hoping this makes sense and that I'm doing it all right hehe. :P

So my question is about fitness;

I've had asthma since I was young and have always found exercise (for example, running.) quite hard. I'm fairly active but usually my chest tightens up pretty quickly so I give up. My asthma is pretty well managed though it is a little worse at the moment. Basically, does anyone have any tips on getting fit and healthy aside from the asthma? :)

I'm very sorry for the huge message and for my rambling. I really hope this makes sense. And thank you so much for your help! :)

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Know how you feel but it sounds as if you understand that exercising will help your breathing as well as your general fitness. You don't have to run; I can't do that either. What I do is walk, gradually building up so that, when I am well, I do about 10,000 steps a day and it has helped a lot. I just did it very slowly starting a 1,000 steps using a pedometer to know when to turn round and go home. I do have a treadmill at home to use if the weather is too cold to go out but never do as many steps as just going out. I am lucky and have lovely walks. Do look back at Dall05's posts - he is on oxygen but manages to walk most days. Good luck and let us know how you get on please. Never be concerned about asking for help on this site - am sure others will be along to say what helps them; we are all different and what suits one does not suit another.

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The best thing would be to get advice from your asthma nurse im sure they can give you some good information or you could always ring the blf nurses on here x


Hi, firstly, you didn't ramble! Secondly it wasn't a huge post! Thirdly it made perfect sense!

I'm similar, ive found that the pursed lip and deep diaphragm breathing learned here & on YouTube helps a lot.

I slow down do some breathing exercises to get it under control and then build up slowly again. Occasionally I have to sit on a wall, in thru the nose, out thru the mouth for a bit. The chest exercises learned on PR help too. Strengthening the muscles around the rib cage and diaphragm.

Hope ive help a tiny bit. I found my asthma nurse knew less about fitness than I did!

I've just signed on to a new practice in a new town so fingers crossed.

Good luck


Thank you for the advice you've all shared and for being so helpful. It's greatly appreciated! :) One thing I've definitely noticed is that my doctor isn't interested in alternative ways of helping the asthma. I have asked her about breathing exercises, natural remedies etc. and she just doesn't seem interested in any of that. Either that, or she just doesn't know maybe? Has anyone else found this with their doctors? :)


Hello Abighail, welcome to the site. You can "ramble" as much as you like, that's what we're all here for. :-D

If your GP doesn't seem interested in your condition - change your Doctor! You are entitled to go to any GP that you want within your area. Good luck. XX


Thank you so much! :) I'm enjoying it here on this site already. You're all so friendly! :)

I guess it's not so much that she's not interested in me. I guess maybe just unsure about using/trying other things?


Hi Abighail,

I have had chronic hay fever since I was six and that caused chaos, was not allowed to spend time out of doors apart from the necessity of going to school once inside the building I would have to stay indoors until home time and then a mad dash home to get indoors again from June to September and yes I was taking medication, so no exercise for me. In my early twenties asthma kicked in and I started having Inhalers and preventatives and the winter became a no go as far exercise because of the cold weather.

I found Hatha Yoga by chance at our local evening classes. I could stretch and bend and twist myself in all sort of contortions, loved the breathing exercises but was hopeless at meditation. I also took a chance and had a go at gym work - no running machines as the gym I went to was mainly used by weight trainers so lots of pulling and lifting, lung exercises (to expand my chest cavity).

I don't go to classes or gym now (I'm 67) but still use some of my Yoga moves to help keep as supple as can. Now have Bronc. and COPD as well so having a battle to keep my lungs clear and not winning I'm afraid

Have not been on a Pulm. Rehab. course yet waiting for a space and hope it will of benefit.

Not sure any of this will be of any help, but good luck with your endeavours.



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