About Virgin and Sky TV

Did you know that if you have a smart TV there's no need to pay for Sky sports etc,all you need is a Wi Fi connection,if you don't have a smart TV you can purchase various boxes,ie,I have an Android xbmc fully loaded box which cost £52 of eBay,no more hefty £80 bill for the package I had from Sky,great wee investment.Well worth looking into.

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  • Hi

    It is also illegal to watch subscription channels without paying.

    Many people have found to there cost.

    Sky prosecute anybody with out favour.

    Keep it to your self.

  • Not doing anything illegal,Stone,it's just the same as accessing them on my IPad,saves me over £1000 a year,now that's a lot of cash.

  • I know the landlord of our local pub used to get it through the computer! x

  • For anyone with a smart TV,there's an app IPTV,download that.

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