Spring Cleaning

Sorry to bring the idea of cleaning into a bank Holiday weekend, but just a warning. I decided to clean the bathroom as the sunshine illuminated all the grotty corners, and I put a solid bleach block in the loo so each flush would clean... Hummmm...I wondered why my chest was getting tighter and getting harder to breathe. I have thrown the bleach block away and my breathing is easier...it could be a coincidence of course.

Also in the "I" newspaper yesterday there was an item about a British Medical Journal study on the link between bleach use and childhood infections.

I am having a break from cleaning now ...chocolate eating instead.

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  • I think if its a choice between cleaning toilets and eating chocolate - the chocolate wins :)

  • Eating chocolate is essential😀 cleaning with bleach is dangerous for our chests! Knitter I'm glad you've seen sense lol!!! Happy Easter 😀 huff xxx 🐥🐇

  • Don't get confused though and eat the bleach block and put the chocolate in the toilet :d x

  • Pine scented is the worst for me - but chocolate ok. I am still on a diet but I am being rewarded with an Easter egg & chocs - temporary lapse approaching I think. Love Margaret x

  • It's chocolate every time knitter. Glad your breathing is better now. xxxx

  • The chocolate option gets my vote. M x

  • redandhoney.com/how-to-clea... hope this helps knitter, i use vinegar,,

  • Vinegar is cool knitter, as itsBAme says.

    But i remember something, back of mind, about even greater danger of using bleach mixed with ?detergent cleaning products. That gives off toxic gas and can have appalling effects very quickly. Anyone know about this?

  • Morning Knitter, When my late husband was suffering from IPF his specialist told us that the use of bleach was causing great concern, and was a likely cause of some lung conditions, I think that years ago people used bleach without any thought, now I think people are aware of its dangers,Glad your breathing is easier, enjoy the chocolate, Best wishes, Bulpit

  • I'm curious to know if bleach and chlorine come under the same umbrella? I have recently returned from a week away at a Center Parc where the sub-tropical swimming pool is under a huge, highly heated, greenhouse-type dome and the water is heated to 30 degrees. I only swam once and was fine in the water but I spent many hours supervising my 3 young children from the poolside and found it really hard to breathe. My chest felt very aggravated whilst in there. I have also noticed that Flash bathroom spray with bleach will leave me coughing badly and SOB so now I stick to Dettol.

  • Any airborne irritant can affect the lungs as well as allergies. I have a shop I go to that every now and then hits my chest really badly and I struggle to get around it? but I do not smell anything?

  • Omg. ECOVER For everything!!

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