asthma or copd?

hi every one I started having chest problems about 5 years ago, shortness of breath coughing with only a little white sticky mucus, chest xrays showed scar tissue at the bottom of my rt lung i am given steroids when it is really bad and i use the sprays the rest of the time, i was told it was asthma but i have only been to the dr not the hospital i have wheezing when i breath out i am a 71yr non smoker. i was thinking may be copd does any one have any thoughts please jean

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  • I have COPD but I don't normally wheeze when I breathe.

    Have you had a spirometry test?

  • yes I think that is when I was told it was asthma my peak flow is around 250 but it does go up to 300 when I am on the tablets, I do get worse after flying. many thanks. jean

  • Think it's very difficult for us to say. Might be helpful for you to speak to one of the nurses at BLF after the hols.

    Wishing you the best cx

  • thankyou will do

  • I have COPD and i do wheeze at times but usually when i have a chest infection.

    A chest xray dosnt always show whats going on... spirometry test is where you blow into a machine for as long as you can with your nose pinched ... if you havnt had one of them suggest it and even if you have you should be due another at some point because things change......also have you had any sputum samples done lately.

    You are clearly concerned so just go back to your gp and tell them your concerns


  • thank you mandy sputum test clear I think the dr are getting fed up with me last time I went she said she didn't know what to do so I asked for another course of steroids and after 5 days I felt better this has been going on for 12 months on and off. thankyou moan over

  • Thats outrageous her saying she didnt know what to do !!! Tell her to refer you if thats the case to someone who knows more than her..

    Dont ever feel the Dr is fed up of you thats what they are there for you have every right to keep going back till they help you x

  • thankyou mandy I feel ok at the moment just waiting for the next time I think the worst thing is being incontinent with the coughing, not how I saw my retirement.

  • Spirometry would have detected COPD if you had it, unless the person who administered the test didn't know what they were doing . . .

  • thankyou I am going for a check up soon so I will ask then, I just want to feel well enough to get working in the garden and walking the dogs

  • This does not sound right to me, just my personal opinion based on my experience. I am 70, my peak flow hovers around 270 Max and I have heart problems as well (leaky valve and meds for arrhythmia) but I can walk and garden as long as I pace myself a bit. I have a Symbicort inhaler which I use regularly and top up as needed with instructions to see a health professional if that does not work in a few days, and regular antihistamines for allergies.

    I am wondering if you have any other condition besides asthma, whatever, your doctor needs to try harder.

  • thankyou for taking the time to reply I do sometimes have a irregular pulse and take blood pressure tables. but the ecg came back normal. I hope you have a lovely easter.

  • You mentioned your peak flow number so I take it you have blown into a tube with numbers on it and they have based you diagnosis on that?

    Or have they got you to do various blows into a tube attached to a computer and then made you take a few breaths of Ventolin and do the test again in about 20 minutes?

    If it was just the first that cannot give an accurate diagnosis of your condition by the peak flow.

    Be Well

  • yes I have had both, I think it was back in December I just expected to feel a lot better by now as I do what they advise, I think I am just worried that they are missing something serious many thanks jean

  • if you have an irregular heart that is intermittent you should have a number of ECG's to see if it shows you may have PAF link explains

    An irregular heartbeat does not always mean you have AF as it can just be one of them things that some get for a million and one reasons. Even down to things like Ventolin can bring on fast and irregular heartbeats.

    BE Well

  • Dont feel bad. A couple of years ago I got out of bed and did not have enough strength to go to the bathroom. I went to the doctor and he sent me to the hospital. I also had a very bad cold for about 2 weeks. The hospital said I had mild COPD and gave me spirvia inhaler to use. I did for a couple of years and my new doctor gave me a breathing test and thinks it may be asthma. I am not sure myself. I dont have any problem breathing. Only when I have a cold. When I get a cold, It is like pneumonia. It lasts for weeks. Keep guessing!!

  • hi helenann thankyou for replying to my post I will read up and go and buy the vitamin's I did a couple of days in the garden because my husband was off work so I am back to square one so off back to the dr this pm before it gets any worse, I hope you both had a lovely easter.

  • thank you Graham I will do that later,after reading the posts here I feel a bit of a fool as there are so many people much worse than than I, hope you have a nice evening and that pat is feeling well,

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