Don't let this happen to you!

Well it probably wouldn't - I'm sure you're all far more sorted and sensible.

It's the story of last minute weekend meds shopping amidst rising panic!

Stupidly i hadn't clocked that my nebules (Atravent and Salbutamol) would run out before end of weekend. Neither had Rita who was out campaigning and we didn't get round to calling 111 til about 3pm. The doctor said she would fax prescription to our chemist Cheadles, but they didn't have Atravent, so frantic calls round all chemists in area, most of whom were closed, til eventually we found one. Back to 111 to get them to fax it there then touch and go hair-raising situation with me, increasingly breathless and frantic, on phone between Rita waiting at the pharmacy and 111 (at least four times as the clock ticked onwards towards 5pm, the pharmacy closing time and each call with different "health advisor") insisting the faxed script now had to go to Swalecliffe Pharmacy, being the only one in the area who carry that drug; Rita in the chemist trying to persuade them not to close and go home to their loved ones at closing time on a saturday night after a tiring hard days work, and waiting in vain for the prescription to come through; someone from 111 out of hours team finally calling me at home to ask what the problem was as she had faxed it to Cheadles hours ago. CHEADLES??!!!! YOU NUMPTY, its SWALECLIFFE Pharmacy, they close at 5 and its already 10 past.

So keeping admirably calm in the face of my rising panic, she faxed it again to Swalecliffe and the call came through to the pharmacy literally as the last of the staff was about to turn the key in the lock at 5.15pm.

So finally sorted and Rita will be round there with box of chocs as a thank you on monday morning.

And tomorrow I will do a stock-take of all my meds. Repeat prescriptions good, repeat of this unnecessary dilemma - never again!

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  • Hi O2

    Been working all day and just saw your post. What a bad day you had! Don't think your the only one. I know I've run out of pills before. Or thought I had a refill and didn't. Happens to everyone at some time or another. Hope tomorrow s a better day for you!. Hey gotta watch out for my sister! That would be you!

    Rubyxx 😊 😊

  • Early good morning to you from here, and good night to you too :)

    Well who was the real numpty in this scenario? Me of course. I know we've all run out at times but this was mega. Anyway I'm starting my stock take, fuelled by terror at having another day like that.

    It's our 28th anniversary this weekend and we jinxed it. Well we see it as the whole weekend when the clocks go forward here, so that's how we mark it, rather than having a precise date. Rita popped out to a friend's 60th last night on my insistence but was back within 2 hours. And now we have today which will be far more peaceful.

    Hey, betcha know what a numpty is Ruby?

    xxx :)

  • Yay new word for me!

    Could be dummy?

    ( not that you are )

    How about Your a Kracker?

    Whats that mean?

    So many words to learn!


  • Yeah, numpty = not too bright.

    Kracker, not one i use. Could perhaps be "she's a cracker" as in an attractive woman. Might have to look up precise meaning though probably there isn't one.

    Just realised you are maybe at work Ruby? :( xx

  • I believe Fred sometimes says it.

    No I'm not at work. On Sat. I work during the day as offices are closed. Its 2:30 am here. Just catching up on our family. Watching tv, the telly. Should be 8:30 in the morning for you. Guess i will get some sleep now. Talk to you tomorrow. Have a great day sis.


  • You too Ruby, after a good sleep that is :) :)

  • Morning 02. What a nightmare for you and Rita, so very stressful when you run out of your medication, Thank goodness it all sorted itself out. Leaves you shattered tho, Hope you have both recovered, Regards, Bulpit

  • Thanks Bulpit; yes huge relief now to have piles of the stuff here. Ive been near to the edge before but never anything like yesterday. We just both took our eyes of the ball. Too much melodrama for moi! :)

    p.s. Are you a reverse pitbull? I ask as i love them to pieces.

  • Never thought I might be a back to front Pitbull,but maybe I am. I guess you and Rita are the proud owners of one, Enjoy Sunday, Bulpit

  • No, a spanish water dog, very different! But I just love all dogs xxx

  • Hello O2, sounds like you had a worrying day and I'm relieved you got your medicine in the end😀 Hope today is a better day, love to you and Rita on your Anniversary, hugs huff xxx

  • Cheers huff :) x

  • Hi O2, Panic over sorry you had a problem, I had repeat prescription problems at chemist this week, not sent electronically by the surgery to chemist. Had to pick the paper copy up myself and go back to the chemist and wait for it to be dispensed even though I ordered it two days earlier.. Since we went electronic it is always a problem. My chemist does not open on Saturdays. I have now asked for my repeats to go back to paper, that way I know I have to collect it from the surgery and wait for it to be dispensed. But it also means if I am too ill to go to the chemist or GP the chemist can't get my prescription and deliver it. I write down in my diary when the next prescription is due if that's any help to you, I also have some spares in case the chemist is out of stock as happened in the past. It is an half hour walk to my GP and chemist and electronic means you can't go to another chemist when they are closed as the prescription is on their computer to dispense. So hope you find a way to remind you when your drugs are low. Enjoy Sunday, Oh in an emergency we can get a prescription from the walk in center out of hours and use an out of hours chemist like boots to dispense , but you need a car to do that. Bye for now xx

  • That - the electronic thing - may have put spanner in the works yesterday Katie. Never thought of that. Lots of things to think about in your post.

    Hope you're having a good weekend. :)

  • Hi have you heard of Pharmacy 2u, don't know if they are in your area, but if you google it, it should tell you, it's a NHS run company that actually delivers your meds to your door.

  • Thanks for that sparky - I'll remember it when we need to tell 111 where to fax prescriptions to. :)

  • Hi 02Trees, I take Combivent in my nebuliser....I think these nebules combine your two drugs, and it may be more common for pharmacists to stock it...I have no problem getting it. Maybe check with your practioner. I don't think it is available in an inhaler anymore because of problems with inhalent gas...just in nebules.

    Easter is coming so I have checked my medication supplies too, thanks for the reminder.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  • Mine are from hospital stay knitter - not intended for regular use. Im not sure whether they will put me on Combivent when ive properly recovered - we'll see. :)

  • I have my meds set so I should have an extra 10 days of any of my meds on order day. Inhalers I will have a spare that would put me 1 month order free as you never know if you will use more than usual.

  • These are not regulars or repeats Offcut. They are the mega-strong ones they sent me home with from the hospital so Im not in a routine about them.

    Your timing sounds good, I'll bear that in mind while I'm trying to sort out something that is fool-proof. :)

  • It sounded like I was organised then ;) which is not always my way though life

  • Omg! what a nightmare 02. Glad you managed to get it sorted in the end. Phew. x

  • Phew indeed :D

  • Phew O2 that was close! Luckily that has never happened to Pete yet but I will keep an eye on his meds from now on. xxx

  • Im sure you do already sassy. Pete is lucky to have you.

    Mind you Rita has gone above and beyond during this whole illness, but it just shows what can happen when one or both of you are exhausted. :) xx

  • Close call O2 ! Can happen to anybody and it is a nightmare. As Knitter mentioned, Combivent combines both those drugs and that spares you four extra neb sessions a day. As you say, you may not be on these long term but I'm wondering if you're still on Spiriva while taking them. You're not supposed to neb or otherwise use itropromium if you're using Spiriva. Too much would be bad for your heart. The reason I'm telling you this is because nobody ( doctor, nurse or consultant) pointed this out to me and I had to work it out for myself, when I started Spiriva last July. Hope youre feeling a lot better and that you can get back to normal soon.

  • Hi Argana - no I'm not on spiriva. Used to be, i took the respimat spray version, and i had to stop as i had the standard side effect of dry mouth so badly i couldn't speak. And when i stopped i didn't feel worse in terms of breathing etc.

    I combine the two ingredients in my nebuliser so i don't have to do four extra. In fact they make me shake so much and now I'm feeling much stronger and beginning to taper the pred I've decided to take 3 a day of the combined neb, rather than four.

    What we'll end up with heaven only knows. Thanks for passing on the information, great as i know nothing about this drug, Symbicort being my only med up to now (apart from things that didn't work as above!)

    Oh, and just saw earlier that I've put on 3 pounds, hurray :) :)

    How are you at the minute Argana?

  • Putting on three pounds is a great boost and hopefully, an indication of return to baseline. Are you not on meds for your GERD ?

    I'm good and bad. My November hospital stay was very beneficial and compared to last summer and late Oct/early Nov., I am significantly better. Much less sob, much more active and able to live life almost normally. Almost is the important word there because I have at least one exacerbation a month and just finished my fourth ab course in four months. So I still have bad times, still find it difficult going upstairs at night and still have a certain amount of sob and weak legs. But what's different is that I can have a bad day but be quite well the next day. I can be quite/very sob for part of the day but can pick up again. I think what's different is that I seem to have more stamina and am not laid as low as I used to be, by the exacerbations. There's no doubt in my mind about the Amitryptyline, it has definitely helped me. Also, the Diliatzem ( a calcium channel blocker) seems to have controlled the pain in the centre of my chest. So overall, I'm pleased with my progress at present. Sorry for the long answer :)

  • Gosh, what a worry for you O2. I'm so glad you got there in the end. Hope you're making a good recovery :-) x

  • Im loaded up with meds now and it seems a distant memory, but yes it was hellish. Thanks for your reply Lyn :) :)

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