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Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit .. Letter

Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit .. Letter

Dear, Industrials Injuries Disablement Benefit.

Following My Telephone Conversation At The Above Office With One Of Your Representatives Regarding My Previous ASBESTOS ASBESTOS CEMENT LUNG DIEASE Claim.

I Would Like IIDB To Reconsider My Asbestos Lung Disease Claim On The Grounds Of NEW MEDICAL Evidence And Not Being Able To Defend My Claim As CT SCAN XRAYS My Evidence Was Not Available / Could Not Be Displayed.

In Doctor ###### Letter Diagnosis That Can Be Seen At Page 77 – 78 Of My Previous Case Bundle You Can See Dr ##### Talks About COPD And Gas Trapping And My Primary Systematic State Being Of Unknown Cause.

Given The NEW MEDICAL Evidence I Am Going To Talk About i.e Asbestos Silica Bioreactivity Biopersistence And Oxidant Stress.

It Is Obvious Why HM Courts Tribunal Services Doctor Had Such Trouble Accepting I Suffered From COPD Even Tho My Lung Consultant Had Confirmed I Do Considering It Is Well Known And Is Also A Well Documented Coexpouser Inflammatory Lung Disease Processes.

But Given The Medical Evidence Is Easy To See How Such Things Would Happen To Chronically Exposed Suffers Especially When It Is So Easy To Blame One’s Smoking History BUT Not One’s Occupation “ how convenient ” Is That.


But Like Myself Those With Asbestos & Mineral Dust Inhalation And Effects Of Occupation & Demolition Processes Lung Inhalation Of Such Martial And Its Interactions Within The Lung Will Cause SUPEROXIDE & OXIDANT STRESS. That Causes Damage To DNA CELLs Resulting In Chronic Lung Inflammation Resulting In Permanent Enlargement Of The Lung Airways … Airways Disease i.e Bronchiectasis To Which I Suffer As Evident By The Lung Tissue Asbestos Martial I Have Been Coughing Up.

Silica Quartz Found In Asbestos Cement And Its Interactions Within The Lung Asbestos Fibers Cause SUPEROXIDE & OXIDANT STRESS Lung Damage Resulting In Not ASBESTOSIS But Chronic Inflammation i.e Emphysema To Which I Also Suffer Now And At Time Of My Claim Threw Chronic Occupational Exposure.

I Feel IIDB Already Know Those Like Myself Chronically Exposed To Asbestos Asbestos Cement Silica Quartz Would Suffer From This Disease Diseases I Am Suffering.

And I Feel The IIDB DOCTORS Even Tho IIDB Accepted Source Of My Exposure Had Me Going Up And Beyond Jumping Hoops To Prove My Chronic Lung Disease Is Caused By ASBESTOS ASBESTOS CEMENT SILICA QUARTZS.. And Is Quite Shocking.

And On And On I Could GO :) As anyone can see there is defo something going on as to medical profession and the acceptances lung diease can and is caused by occupational lung disease and not all about smoking or being down a pit or mine to be exposed.

Don't forget You don't have to sufferr from Asbestosis mesothelioma to sign my petition you just have to care .

Thanks to every body who as signed and shared so far ;)

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Hi Denis, have signed it, not only are you struggling with ill health, you have to become a scientist and lawyer as well, power to you Denis, xxx

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Hi Medow cheers thanks defo agree with you there is disgrace what they get away with.

IIDB laws need modernising as there criteria is when mines was busy and we had steel works as that's only time you would qualify AND if government have not noticed we don't do that anymore

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Hi Denis it took me over a year to prove that I had asbestosis irrespective that 3 consultants had suspected it and diagnosed me with it as well as that a work colleague and myself have been diagnosed with pleura plaques for a while which is a sure fire way of proving you have had a reasonable amount of asbestos exposure. I also have other complications because of it and am only transferring about 50% oxygen required into my body. Like you I had to fight to prove my claim but it will take another 9 months (at least) before it goes to court :P

Good luck - Plumbob

PS petition signed :D

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Hi plumbob Cheers yer I have been court well IIDB one and there one's that could not load any of my medical evidence.

It was quite I fares the said they had read 600 pages in 15 mins even said I did not have copd even tho my lung doc had confer did have both obstructive and restrictive lung disease.

Things I am ashamed to say deteriorated and my working class roots popped out ending up in me being escorted out of the court ... suppose I was lucky as my case was heard at imergration court of all places SO could imagine not many get to leave them places.

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When I was in ICU in 2008 I was asked all the time had I been working with Asbestos. I told them no as I was promised what we had was not the Blue asbestos which causes all the problems but later found it was the Brown second most deadly asbestos!

I was told that my latest Xray 2010 shows no broken glass so I do not yet have asbestos's! (they do not look at the 2013 one as I had pneumonia on that) I remember some time back you posted a video of a world renowned lung specialist explaining that the asbestos will start on the outer layer of the lung before the broken glass affect will show on the Xrays. When I mentioned this to my first specialist all I got back was I have not been told anything about that.

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Hi offcuts I have same thing with my lung specialist .. Even my lung heart problems he says you need to see heart doctor

That's sheeee we are up against MOST are that looned out the think your questioning there academic back ground .... when all we want them to do is take into account our occupations as working class men women

I have found thos in A+E are and do tell us the truth ... Everything is put down to o it's pneumonia BUT healthy people don't get pneumonia only those diseased compromised get that BUT that's what doc's put down to mean age crap acceptable disease level given our ages.

Redress occupation don't mater unless you suddenly drop dead or doctore as mistaken mesothelioma for pneumonia and prescribed antibiotics

This a lot of that go's aswell ... Is shocking the fancy words the use mean just the same as those public arena it's all done to deceive play down illness ... Who for a not it's not for suffers as there is a lot of suffering go's on so who dose benefit we all need to ask our selfs

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I like yourself like to read the medical reports on our conditions so I can have a better understanding of what is known and if there is anything that may help in the future.

I am only an expert in me and give information on my problems and how they make me feel. I do not understand how the approach to me being around asbestos in 2008 has changed so much since 2012 were they are not willing to look any deeper or appear to want to dismiss it in the hope I will move on?

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Hi offcuts I have often thought about you when I have been reading stuff and am sure in my post you have read similarities with your own disease process.

But I think you have answered your own question in Which you say : want to dismiss it in the hope I will move on?

My understanding is the don't remove your plaura for paralised diaphragm like we have talk about before or scrap edge of lung if it not asbestos related

If they had excised stuff by methods would they be obliged to tell you

Like we have said I would get in touch with ya prentice manager a find out about reviewing your full medical records doctors letters

At least what ever your doc's are doing is working and is always a plus plus and worth remembering

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What is Diaphragm Paralysis?

Diaphragm Paralysis is the loss of control of one or both hemidiaphragms caused by a traumatic injury or disease process which decreases or terminates the impulse of respiratory stimuli originating in the brain. Causes of diaphragm paralysis include, but are not limited to:

• Central neurological disorders such as a brain or brainstem stroke,

• Spinal cord disorders such as syringomyelia or poliomyelitis,

• Direct trauma to the phrenic nerve from surgery, radiation, or tumor,

• Autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis,

• Demyelinating disease processes such as Guillan-Barré syndrome and ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease),

• Phrenic nerve neuropathy, viral or bacterial infections, and idiopathic (ie, unknown) etiologies.


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