It's Official ASBESTOS SILICA cause's Emphysema BUT let's Blame solely Smoking

It's Official ASBESTOS SILICA cause's Emphysema BUT let's Blame solely Smoking

It's Official If you have been exposed to a lot of ASBESTOS you will Develop Asbestosis's well if your lucky BUT if you have Been Exposed to ASBESTOS And SILICA you will suffer emphysema as quarts in SILACA Counter acts ASBESTOS CONVENTIONAL FIBROSIS PLAQUES ... makes Me glad I smoke when I hear about Oxidant STREES

As CO2 retainer a can't have that much oxygen in my blood for this ASBESTOS oxidant STREES stuff to do its dirty deed "Looks like ASBESTOS SILACA EMPHYSEMA and ME " ARE all Fuuuu ... If you pardon my French.

But in ALL HONESTY smoking is very bad and the ASBESTOS SILICA dose cause asbestos alpha 1 antitrypsin cytogenetic injury and emphysema or is that plumary emphysema BUT according to IIDB you have to have worked in mine for million years to submit a claim WELL in ENGLAND.

And there's me thinking ASBESTOS had no mimiman exposer levels ... There is one thing I am sure of when DOCTORS here you smoke and you have not been done a pit for million years it's OPEN SESSION on ripping the ASBESTOS SILICA DISEASED Working class man or women off

Same process BUT no mention of ASBESTOS or SILICA just smoking

KEY WORDS : inflammatory lung disease, asbestos , phagocytic cells, emphysema, alpha 1 antitrypsin

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  • your comment if you are exposed to a lot of asbestos you will get asbestosis "if your lucky"well i do not feel lucky having asbestosis it's appalling and my quality of life frankly is crap and through the asbestosis i have heart trouble and a looped colon that causes pain, vomiting, and thats caused through chronic lung disease I gave up smocking 43 years ago when my son was born.

  • I was talking in disease context I.e there is theses that go on to skip plaques and develope asbestos cancers that are not loged or heard about .

    Then there are Meso suffers who are missed DX as having pneumonia as far as feeling ruff ya don't have to tell me .... But at least lucky enough to feel Ruff

  • Hi hidden, yes you do suffer terribably from this horrible illness. Yes I understand how you felt when they said you are lucky that excuse me sh's me off a friends brother died recently and she turned to me and said you are so lucky to have this disease grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr who are they to say that we are lucky.


  • very useful and enlightening articles, thank you for finding them Denis, Linda

  • Hmm, its become fashionable to blame ALL lung diseases on smoking these days - I Overheard this brief conversation in my Surgery the other day = A Doctor passed by the Receptionist to get some papers, he said to her with a sigh = " The seven patients I've seen today with lung diseases caused by smoking have really brought it on themselves " = The Receptionist = " As a matter of fact Doctor, none of the Patients you have seen so far this morning HAVE NEVER SMOKED " - Oh replied the Doctor - he was the one left spluttering !! ....

  • I was wondering if any one has heard from the young 21 year old girl that was having lung issues she was waiti g for lung surgery at the end of January.

    I cannot remember her name.


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