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Hi, I am new to Healthunlocked. I have been reading many of your post but I have not come across anybody with bronchiectasis which, I have. I have been reading COPD post of which I believe bronchiectasis comes under their umbrella. Is there a bronchiectic out there?

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There are quite a few bronchiectasis sufferers on here she_she and I am sure you will hear from some of them soon. xxx

Hi and welcome to the family

I have bronchiectasis and it dosnt come under the umbrella terms of COPD which i also have

Bronchiectasis is a widening of the airways where COPD is a narrowing

If there is anything i can help with message me any time x

I suffer from bronchiectatis and have done for many years + asthma. Both condition are well controlled although they were going rampant for a long time, over a year ago. Big secret for me was to be put on azithromycin for the chest bugs and also to move to Hampshire near the sea - the air here made such a difference.

I also have bronchiectasis and asthma, and like Pergola, am much helped by azithromycin. There are plenty of us here, and if you have any specific questions we will try to help.

There was a discussion on whether bronch can be considered under the COPD umbrella a little while ago - after some lively discussion, the consensus seemed to be, as Mandy says, that it does not.

For myself, I have found, as week as the azi, trying to stay infection free is very useful. So flu and pneumonia jabs, plenty of hand washing and 'first defence' spray at the first sign of an infection. And of course, no smoking and no being in the same space as smokers.

Best wishes.

Hi she she and welcome. There are quite a few bronchiectatics on here and there were some replies only the other day to a fellow bronchie which you may find helpful. Anything specific you want to know, please ask and someone will be along with a reply.

love cx

Hello, As Mandy says this is not under the same umbrella and can also be a factor of whooping cough as well many children can have it, its about the degree as well but always best to be aware and keep emergency Anti Biotics should it flare up during holidays etc when the Dr is not open ..Spirometry annually is also a part of the course. If the whole UK population where tested for it I was told possibly 20% could have it but it is not usually picked up unless tested on a CT scan, try not to worry just follow your GP's advise on care.

Hi,i too have bronchiectasis alongside copd. I felt it was under reasonable

control with azithromycin but i developed an allergic reaction to them after being on them almost 3 years. Unfortunately it was deemed unsafe to continue with the azithromycin and i was taken off them in September 2014. Since then i have had infection after infection and i have deteriorated very quickly. I think the azithromycin worked wonders for me and i wish i was able to go back on it.

I wish you all the best with your health, it can be awfully lonely suffering from breathing problems but this is a great place to gain a better understanding of your illness,aswell as reading about others in similar situations. :-)

I have bronciectasis and asthma, both under control now with permanent antibiotics flucloxacillin. Been on them over 2 years and they are working wonders. Try to keep your lungs clear ( a flutter device is very good- Google them), hands clean and first defence spray if you feel a bit buggy. I take vitamin c and d and a probiotic tablet to counteract the antibiotics.

There are quite a few people with bronciectasis, keep reading you will pick up a lot of tips. Take care Shirley

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Smyth in reply to Shirleyj

Hello Shirley, I have Bronchiectasis, I am 67 and never smoked in my life, my JP and consultant have said it may have come from Acid reflux, which I have had for quite a few years. I use Ventolin and Saline Steri-Neb 2.5ml and a Flutter, but still coughing all day , but when I go to bed I am fine. I swim for about half an hour each day at my Gym, what else would you recommend I can do , or any other medication you would suggest , looking forward to hearing from you all . Regards. Jimmy

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Shirleyj in reply to Smyth

Acid reflux really does irritate your lungs, do you take anything for it? I always prop myself up when I sleep and take an anti acid tablet, if definitely helps. Take care

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Smyth in reply to Shirleyj

Hello Shirley , thank you for replying , I do take Gaviscon and it seems too help



Hi She she, I have bronchiectasis as do many of our members. As far as I am aware Bronchiectasis or Asthma do not come under the umbrella of COPD as it they are completely different lung diseases, however, Healthunlocked does group us together for advice purposes. If you have any problems or advice please do not hesitate to write a blog. Take care Maximonkey

I have it too. I'm quite young to be diagnosed at 27 and very scared on what the future holds. I live in London as well.

Actually noticed that my breathing is starting to get constrictive too.


I too have bronchiectasis, have had it since childhood due to being born with weak lungs, having pheumonia and several collapsed lungs on both lungs which then lead to surgery on both lungs to stop this, I have found mine has got worse as I get older but I have a lovely consultant and I too am on inhalers, nebuliser and azithromycin long term which I must say has made a big difference in chest infection accurances, still have other symptoms that go along with bronchiectasis but I am managing with my part time job still so that can be only a good thing, hope you are well xx

Diane x

YES, she_she , I've been diagnosed in 1994. i went downhil until a really bad TB infection in 2010. I was put on oxygen. But regardless of this, I went to the gym and got rid of the oxygen after 2 months. I have recurring infections, but I carry on going to the gym, because exercises are vital for our condition.

Have you got a consultant? Ask to be referred to a pulmonary nurse. This is (usually) a lady and she is very knowledgeable, not only of the condition, but what a patient can go through, especially the anxiety, the shortness of breath, all the drugs. She can also refer you to a physiotherapist who can explain how to cough up with Active Cycle of Breathing Technique. Here's a video about it:

There's much more, but it's a good start. Hope this helps, Mic

Hi I've had bronchiectasis since childhood (64 years) and 18 months ago I developed pseudomonas which was very scary.

This prompted me to take better care of myself (ie keeping my lungs as clear as possible, exercising, eating good food (I've cut sugar out completely), avoiding people with coughs and colds, and taking various supplements). As well as this I nebulise with garlic liquid which I would say has been a great help.

Not wanting to tempt fate....I haven't had to take antibiotics for over a year which is little short of a miracle.

I appreciate antibiotics and other medications are sometimes a necessary evil but it's important to keep ourselves as healthy as we can and avoid having to deal with the nasty side effects they can often bring about.

Take care x

I have just been diagnosed after various diagnosis mine is post tuberculosis . I have just started my tb website and would like tips both for site and myself on how we can manage with the coughing. I cough for at least 30 mins in morning and almost immediately on going outside whether it be warm or cold. Any homemade helpful drinks etc, diet tips ,supplements or exercises would be very helpful which I could in turn pass on. Cheers

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