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I was told i had mild asbestosis in 2006 and each time i went back to doctors i was told it was the fibrosing causing my breathlessness in 2012 i moved to southern ireland and i started to cough and it went on and on i was told it was whooping cough 2 half years of coughing before somebody took notice i went along to see heart consultant about problems with my heart and said about cough weight loss breathlessness and he took x ray which showed extensive pulmonary fibrosis he then sent me for scan which showed advanced pulmoney fibrosis the wait to see a consultant was a year so my G.P. wrote and phoned and i saw him in feb and it turns out the x ray taken in 2012 showed extensive fibrosing then i cough all the time day and night i have coughing fits and can't move out of one room to another without coughing and i'm tired all the time i have been given a spray for copd but thats it told there is nothing they can do for asbestosis tried steriods but did not help

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There is drug to help stop fibrosis but not sure if be ok with your heart issues.

All try find name of it and post it .. have talk on her about it starts with Na cant remember rest

2 likes hi hears a link on a drug for you ,, hope it helps,

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Hi ItsABme yer thats stuff a was telling lilybasil about

Cheers thanks ;)

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Nacetylcystein. (Not sure of the spelling. ) that's the drug you are looking forD3NIS.

I'm not sure if Perfenidone can be used for Asbestosis. It is for IPF. which is fibrosis in the lungs but caused by other things or unknown. Hope this helps.

The doctor said that it could not be used for asbestosis and that there is nothing that they can give at the moment that can help .

I am so sorry lilybasil you are having such a rough ride. You might find it very helpful to contact the blF nurses (click on the red balloon above).

Love cx

Thank you

coughdrop, there's the number to phone for the helpline 03000 030 555

(I clicked on red balloon, but the number is hidden right at the bottom of the page and you might find it hard to find it) Mic

It's not for me sweety, it's for lily. cxxx

If you have Asbestos then you should claim compensation. Look on the Internet. There is no cure for it, my brother in law had it they told him he had what is called strings and it would gradually kill him. Yet it wasn't that that killed him it was a heart valve that leaked after a heart attack. No body looked because they said it was asbestos.

Hope you get some help and a diagnosis that is definite.


Hi Fastball truly is shocking what go's on would been asbestos that caused is heart problems.

Asbestos well any lung diease cause heart problems one of the first things if you survive heart issue its lung immunity issues

Lot of suffers .. suffer social exclusion and that in jts self helps gov rip sufferrs of

Have you signed my pertition

i'm to late to make a claim it's up to 3 years and it's now 9 years since i was told i had it couldn't even claim for workers comp because by the time i found out about it the year was up and they are very strict you have to claim within the year.

I thought was 3 years from when doctors diagnosed you like if ya ill your ill

i know asbestos claims are pits the go of percentage is shocking really should be no time limets

I agree and as it starts off mild you have no idea it's going to turn to advanced in the following years and now i can't do anythink with out puffing and panting and the bloody cough goes on day and night

I didn't think there was a time limit. I would speak to your M.P. There is a government back compensation Scheme.

There is a law you can use if you can prove where your asbestosis was caused .. You can use commen law and this no time limets

Not many people or business know that asbestos and gross negligence corporate manslauger is coverd by commen law and is a crimal offence that as nothing to do with health and safty clowns or time limets

A guess you can secure a prosacution then get compansation damages only down side is CPS but on plus we have human rights :)


Thanks for that will look into it

Hi Abestosis`s DavidTSr50 from Chicago, IL. I have asbestosis and Pulmonary Fibrosis which I have had for the last six years I have had to take Nebalizer treatments until they would not work on me any more now I take a inhaler called Asmanex Twist Inhaler plus a Generic form of ROBITUSSIN A.C. Syp. one to two Teaspoons every four to six hours as needed for cough and it seems to calm the cough down alot so I will close for now David Tormala Sr..

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