I have had numerous chest infections since Xmas :( started again 2 weeks ago.

Been the doctors twice had Amoxicillin not worked don't no why they gave it me never works:(

Now got Doxycycline and steroids from the chest nurse.

Been moderate COPD for years now I have to go back in a month to see if I have started to go into sever

Suppose I was aware this would happen at sometime just hoping she is wrong.

Really feel down anyone else feel this way? I have tried to keep up and in control as long as I can.

Lost my hubby 2 1/2 years ago he would have been 70 Wedensday so this seems the worst birthday since he died.

Sorry moan just had to tell someone.

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  • Oh you are not alone. I too and many others on here have had 2 to 4 chest infections since Christmas. My first one started 23rd Dec. Just finished another lot of AB's and steroids.

    You are not moaning, simply telling it like it is. I think I'm more frustrated than depressed. No maybe both.

    Is the sun shinning where you live. It is a beautiful day here so I'm going to give myself a reprimand and go grab the day.

    Can you go somewhere to sit quietly where you feel close to your Husband and remember the good times and all the things that bought you joy.

    Hope you will better soon

    Suzy xxx

  • Hi Suzy thank you for your kind words think it's a mixture of not being well and my hubby this was a big year we would have had our golden wedding and both being 70 a month apart. I will stay in try to come to my senses won't go the crem as my son is going up with me Wedensday.

    Thank you again Rose x

  • hi I know how you feel ive been same was on ab and steroids from before xmas until middle feb then infection cleared up, but still carried on with steroids till last week, when doctor told me she wanted me stop them as my consultant is looking to put me on a long term anti biotic. I see him again in april, I have lung function test end march. tam

  • Thank you Aberdeenman

    My chest is feeling better now after 3 weeks but think being told I might be sever now and feeling down anyway dosent help.

    Thank you Rose x

  • Hi Aberdeenman

    Nice to see who I'm talking too!

    Just wanted to compliment you on your picture. Nice, as they say to put a face to a name.

    I would like to do a picture to, but use my cell phone. Can you post a picture with that?

    Rubyxx 😊

  • hi ruby not sure if you can put pic on with phone


  • hi rose im very severe copd and emphysema fev1 in December was 18%. ive just started pulmonary rehab, so hoping that helps to.


  • So sorry it's awful disease and I'm moaning :( one thing about this site you always are able to talk to them that understand. Rose x

  • Hi Rose, so sorry you are unwell. Try not to worry about moving from moderate to severe copd. I was first diagnosed with mild, then following Swine flue, i became severe. Cough was the main problem. Following a lung op in 2013 , i moved to more severe but guess what after numerous infec tions in 2013 , last year no infections & i movd to moderate again. I think grief & infectios take their toll on our health but copd does not only move downward. i am nearly back to the point i was 10 years ago. Take care Rose, lovemargaretx

  • Margret so pleased to hear you are better than you were I got up this morning really down no one to tell so glad I came on. Thank you Rose x

  • Hello VB - you are not moaning hun. Sometimes we all need some support from folks who really understand what it's like to live with a lung condition and understand to some extent the drugs and jargon.

    I wonder if your doc has considered prophilactic antibiotics, if not maybe it would be helpful to get his opinion for you.

    It is a very difficut time for you and, like you, I find when I am ill the losses and what happened surrounding those losses of those precious to me are hightened. Maybe because we are unable when ill to be busy enough to be distracted but for you, of course, this is a special anniversary.

    You will get through this and I wish you well.


  • Thank you cofdrop learnt one thing how to spell severe been struggling this morning to think. :)

    I will ask about them when I go back but the steroids help but this time can't cough the

    Mucus and getting palpatsions with them oh dear here I go again.

    Rose x

  • have you tried the flutter or the acapella (both of which you can now get on prescription? cx

  • No but making a note of these things so I can mention when I go back thank you Rose x

  • Hi you moan all you want to love if it helps. Endless chest infectons are very boring aren't they? I find doxycycline very good and the only ab which really works for me. I hope you are free of them soon and feeling a whole lot better. x

  • Hi coughalot yes the Doxy works for me got 7 days usually 5 :) hoping get this week over and get back to me. What ever me is certainly not this :( hope your well? Rose x

  • You moan all you like Rose. You will always have lots of support and kind words on here so no worries. Pete is my hubby and I care for him. He has sarcoidosis and copd but the worse thing to affect him is his prolapsed disc. He seems to tolerate problems quite well but not that. I hope you can improve on the antibiotics you now have and that you will be on the up soon. It is hard and this does not sound like a great time for you anyway.

    Wishing you well and hope to hear from you again soon. xxxx

  • Thank you is all I can keep saying as everyone is so kind on here. Feel guilty complaing as a lot seem a lot worse than I am. Cheers hope your hubby is well as can be. Rose x

  • Take care Rose and don't feel guilty about anything. Nice to hear from you. Take care xxxx

  • Hi Victoria

    Hope today finds you feeling somewhat

    better. Your very lucky you remIned moderate for so many years. You can complain all you want to us. We're one big family, that understands each other.

    Nobody understand us better. I honestly

    think after your feeling better you'll do a turn about. Your sick and sad. Look up Victoria, things will get better. We're here

    for you anytime you want to talk.

    Take care Victoria

    Rubyxx 😊 😊

  • Hi Ruby thank you for your kind words. It's a good job we have something like this you know we aren't on our own. Thanks again Rose x

  • Hi has anybody got bronchiectasis on here ?

  • Hi shedevil There must be sure you will hear from someone soon take care Rose x

  • Hi shedevil

    Yes lots of us on here have bronchiectasis, including me. You will get a good response, I am sure, if you ask your question on a new post rather than adding to another thread. Look forward to hearing from you.

    love cx

  • Everyone needs to offload sometimes and i'm sure when you are ill you miss your husband even more,it is horrible being ill alone with no-one to give a little T L C. Well i'm sending you a double dose of T L C and a hug to go with it x

  • Biker grove thank you so much it's ment so much to know people do care.

    Think it's really good to know someone understands what lung problems can do.

    Sending Huggs back to you. Rose x

  • Oh victoria, I really feel for you But even if you have severe COPD< i would say, you can take charge of yourself.

    Have you got a good consultant? Most of all, have you got a pulmonary nurse. She is the most helpvul person of the whole medical team. She is in touch and YOU can phone her anytime you need help.

    Also, if you could start with some gentle exercises, this is vital to maintain your condition and even to reverse it. Here's some that I do everyday:

    The pulmonary nurse would also talk about exercises. she might even refer you to Pulmonary rehabilitation, which is an assessment of your condition and a set of gentle exercises you do at the hospital in a group. This is most beneficial, enquire if you can be enrolled with this pulmonary nurse.

    Keep your pecker up. We've all gone through this and we are still alive!

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