As Lung Disease Suffer Can Anyone Identify These Lung Cells

As Lung Disease Suffer Can Anyone Identify These Lung Cells

Hi am after some information ... I have a microscope and it's not unusual to cough up lung tissue via my lung disease and look at it under a microscope

Of late I have been coughing up lung tissue with these things in picture all round it .. At first I thought it was antibiotics but to be honest I don't know what it is I thought it was trashed lung tissue Avoli bits even thought was worms or something

But of late given my condition have felt worse than a usually do ... Any members or blf know what they would be.

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  • Hi, Im a microbiologist (with COPD) - those are fungal filaments (indicates a fungal infection). From that magnification I cant tell what species of fungus it is.... Are you taking corticosteroids, or have a poor immune system?? .. these things make you vulnerable to fungal infections

  • Hi, as a microbiologist what is your opinion of having aspergillus antibodies in blood serum?

    Everyone in my medical circle, GP and Consultant, just seem to treat it as insignificant. I have severe COPD and have had the antibodies since 2009?


  • Hi Suzette33 Cheers thanks for feed back ... Yer I thought might been fungal infection am on antibiotics and streriode inhaler

    Some of the antibiotics help with busting immunity T cells if not fungus so could be T cells .... In all time I have been looking at lung tissue this is new development there are lit millions round coughed up lung tissue

    Looks like some sort of infestation - amoeboid migration - metastasising

  • I to me it doesn't sound to good. why don't you go to see a Doctor instead of relying on other peoples opinions or your opinion of what it could be. So please throw away your Telescope and Dr. Goggle and please make appointment these people are qualified and are there to help you.

    Good Luck,


  • Hi Gallmoe Cheers thanks yer am at doc's Tuesday my bitter experience of doctors is the lie threw the teeth only ones I find honest are those at A+E departments

  • Hi Denise, Many thanks for listening yes I agree with you, there are a few Doctors out there that tell you the wrong information only a few. You have to find one and please put your trust in them. I have found over the years we sometimes do like what the doctor tells us because we have it in our heads we have this and that because Google told us and Joe blow down the street told us that it was this and that we suffer from hence when the doctor tells us a different verdic hes wrong in your eyes. It really scares me when people digonise their own diseases. I am under St. Vincent's Hospital in Sydney the largest in the state, my Doctor is in a small country town in N.S.W. everything my Doctor has told me is he same response the Doctors give me. These Doctors in Sydney are the head Doctors for the Lung Heart Transplant team in N.S.W. I would not be there if I didn't have the trust in them to do a transplant. So put your trust in your Doctor I am sure there are a few quacks around but not every one is a quack. The Resporary nurses are a marvelous source of information and help they would be able to Ster you in the right direction.

    Once Again,

    Good Luck,


  • Hi everyone this was an interesting post to read, but have to agree with Gallmoe it sounds like you need to see a doctor D3NIS, but it is good that you are finding information to discuss with the doctor so they know you are aware of what's going on in your body, and sometimes others opinions can help you to approach the doctor in a different way. Good luck with resolving it.

  • Hi Katieoxo60 cheers thanks yer am at doc's Tuesday dose no harm sharing stuff I find discover even tho grim is interesting and I don't mind sharing after all might help others as like a say others see our post chats so all helps cause

    Just wish I could be observer more than suffer but I do get my own back on rouge cells ;)

  • Keep the good work up Daz, forgot you had changed your sign in. Should have realized from the pictures you posted it was you. Your still the same Daz that we all know hope you are fairly well. I'll blame it on my sight as the pale blue on shiny white is very hard for me to read so was struggling to read the D3NIS . Tried changing the white glare earlier but no success. Have a good evening, oh I have just been reading all the illnesses black tumeric seeds can help sounds like some miracle cure, that's what we all need :) or a massive cell transplant.

  • Hi Daz sorry I can't help, hope you can get some Uncle had asbestos emphysema, he worked in a garage back in the sixties in Dublin, back then the fuel was full of lead as well, I think he was about 50 years old and still.smoking when he died :( hugs huff xxx

  • Hi Hufferpuffer sorry to read about ya uncle suppose that's why I go on as we all lost someone before the time ... If someone would of told me civilisation or lung Heath I would picked lung Heath guess that's why cave men did nout for a age

  • Yes - I agree with everyone here, if you are at all concerned, please see your doctor!! (It was just so interesting to me to see these pics on the forum)....

    To Annieosb - antibodies just mean your body has come into contact with the pathogen before, not necessarily that you are infected at the moment. Aspergillus is widespread in the environment - most people have come into contact with it, and so have serum antibodies. It is a very mild pathogen, (meaning it only causes active infections in people who have compromised immunity. However

    If you see evidence of active infection (for example, an aspergilloma, or fungus-ball in your lungs, on Xray) then its cause for concern, and may need anti-fungal treatment.

    But please people - if you are concerned about anything wrt your health, your docs definitely know best!! I hope it helps - but this info is definitely no substitute for medical advice!

  • Hi Suzette33 Cheers yer I have appointment for Tue to talk about antibiotic resistance have been suffering and thses bits cells o and psoriasis on soles of my feet .

    But yer I hope most find my post as interesting as I do as this nothing up with chewing the cud

    Cheers thanks

  • Hi Daz, I would have no idea but brilliant that suzette33 read your post and commented. Everyone is right of course, you must see your doctor as get this checked out. Let us know how things go. xxx

  • Hi Sassy59 cheers yer am seeing doc ... Is nice BLF healthUnlocked have army of experienced soles ya can chat to defo agree all priceless

    But yup will keep you all up to date on what it is

    Cheers thanks

  • Hi Helenann12 Cheers yer I was thinking that to that's why I never really asked my doc before ... But I have been coughing up lung tissue for some time now and those bits are a new development

    As my condition is not improving I.e coughing more mucus production and tremors fever generally unwell thought I best see my doc about em

    Cheers thanks yer all defo check your posts out ... Thanks again

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