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QEHB Admission policy

Thank you to everyone who wrote with advice and support when I found that after 33 years as a patient of the respiratory department at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, they refused to admit me because I live over the border in Warwickshire, even though it was the clinical decision of my GP and consultant that I urgently needed treatment there.

I am still very worn out and having IV abs at home with a wonderful service called Recovery at Home. This stops next wednesday and I shall be discharged and back to square one, should the empyema flare up, which they have a nasty habit of doing.

I have emailed the BBC midlands health correspondent to find out what he knows about this scandal and when I have more energy I shall write to my MP and all of the relevant people about the situation.

Everyone is incredulous that when we supposedly have 'patient choice' one Trust can discriminate in this way , deny patients their clinical needs and get away with it. I am angry and very frightened as to how I will get the care I need, should I go downhill when the abs have finished.

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Are you in contact with your gp's surgery...do they know your treatment at home finishes on Wednesday. Can they arrange for a respiratory nurse to be on call and available to visit you ?

Best wishes and take care

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Ha Ha best laugh of the day! Respiratory nurse? Warwickshire doesn't know that they exist, let alone has ever considered providing such a service. Thanks so much for your kind and helpful thoughts. I have just sent a detailed email to my MP so I must be feeling a bit better.


Oh sweetheart you shouldn't be having to battle like this when you are so poorly but I do admire your spirit in fighting your corner (not easy to do when you feel rough). I wonder if you have been considered by your surgery as one of the 2% of their patients most likely to have unplanned admissions to hospital. You should then be alllocated a matron. Just a thought.

I hope you feel a great improvement once your IVs are competed hun and I wish you luck in your quest to get the treatment you deserve. Sounds like a funding issue after being seen at QEH for the length of time you have.

I wish you all the luck in the world. Please let us know how you get on.

love cx


thanks cofdrop. You shouldn't be so. nice to me. I have overflowing eyes now. I have been advised to write to my local CCG and do know someone who is on it. So whem

n I cangarner some more energy I will get down to that.


Stillstanding, I'm so sorry you've been so poorly. You could do with someone fighting your corner, you must feel worn out with it all! I don't think they have a Recovery at home program where I live but I don't believe anyone would venture out to where I live.

I hope you can build yourself up after this setback in your health and you get some good support,sending love and hugs huff xxxxxx


Such a terrible situation to find yourself in Stillstanding and I truly hope you get somewhere with help from your MP and surely your GP. How terrible to be feeling so scared and it is totally scandalous. I do wish you well and am sending lots of love and good wishes to you. xxxx


Sorry to hear about your problem.....I thought it was today's policy to be treated in hospitals of your choice.

We live in Lincolnshire but back in 2008 my husband was given the choice of 8 hospitals for hip surgery. Of course he chose the one furthest away. Our health trust paid .......it was quite simple.

By the by....when asked if due to my now slight Black Country accent I am a Brummie......my answer is no........

I come from South Staffordshire

Birmingham is in Warwickshire. !!!!!



and I'm a yam yam too! Born in Wednesbury,grew up in Walsall. The choice and funding is still very hit and miss, totally dependant on the CCGs and The hospitals themselves. Next letter is to the CCG.


Yow dow say.....yow ay that far frum me.......

ar'm frum Bilston.

Yo'll ata keep in touch.

Tarrar a bit.



Hi Stillstanding, good for you. Keep on writing those letters. Keep your spirits up (think of someone you love). I am so shocked at this hospitals stance, you should have choice, it is your right. take care of yourself and I hope you have some good news soon. Thinking of you Maximonkey


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